Seeed Fusion OEM Service Helps Bring Your Great Project Ideas to Life!

New portal for OEM Certification and Mechanical Parts on Seeed Fusion – We listen and take action

Recently we have received a lot of feedback from customers regarding Seeed’s OEM capabilities including certification and mechanical parts, and we were advised to find an easy method for customers to add OEM services to their PCBA orders, which will better assist customers looking to sell their products. Once we gathered the suggestions from customers, Seeed Fusion took action immediately. A new OEM portal has been added to the order page, catering to customers with structural and certification needs such as FCC, CE, Telec, and manufacturing for enclosures and hardware, etc., providing a more complete and richer customization experience with the convenience of the Seeed Fusion quotation system.

*Here you can find the portal.

What is the Seeed OEM Service?

Seeed provides complete Original Equipment Manufacturing services for a wide variety of electronic hardware, lifting your design from paper to production. Offering the entire package from PCB manufacture, parts procurement, turn-key assembly, mechanical parts manufacture, packaging services, quality inspections down to shipping provisions, complete with dedicated account managers and expert engineers, Seeed can help you realize your ideas economically and efficiently. 

What are the benefits of Seeed OEM service?

Starting from the inquiry, we will arrange a one-on-one professional management team to follow up with the Quotation, Project Kickoff, NPI, Mass Production, Delivery, and After-sales, from start to finish. 

* Seeed OEM has a well-developed production process, testing and delivery process.

In-House Supply Chain Team

With the support of our dedicated in-house supply chain team, materials sourcing, Bom cost reduction, inventory management, warehousing, drop-shipping and flexible logistics are all within your grasp, which can optimize the time and cost of production.

Reliable Production Line

Seeed manages an advanced SMT plant equipped with a fully automatic SMT production line and various special equipment tailored for industrial automated manufacture. Years of manufacturing experience and the state-of-the-art production facilities make Seeed trustworthy in manufacturing, including SMT & Reflow Soldering, Selective Wave Soldering, Conformal Coating, V-cut de-paneling, Solder Paste Inspection(SPI), X-Ray, Injection Molding/Overmolding/Die pressing/Vacuum casting.

Strict Quality Control System

Seeed also has a strict quality control system supported by ISO9001 quality management systems,, including IQC inspection, solder paste inspection, IPQC first article inspection, Functional Testing, and Final Quality Inspection. Seeed maintains strict control of quality with an attitude of excellence, by conducting quality inspections, evaluations and improvements at various levels.

Product Tracing System

Applying MES(Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) for product traceability control, each PCBA unit can be traceable as well as material lot. Once any small problem occurs, it can be traced back to the unit and material lot, solving it efficiently and economically.

Reliability Testing

We have a Thermal shick Chamber(-55/+125℃), High temperature Storage Chamber, Humidity chamber(RH% from 20% to 95%), Ionic contamination, Strain gage, Dye and Pry, etc.

*We are testing Structural Strength.

Turning your idea into a product has never been so easy with the help of the OEM service!

Up to now, we have supported hundreds of customers’ designs from paper to production, and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback and appreciation. 

One of our customers, Frank Hayden (the Director of Technical and Manufacturing Research at APH) shares how we have been of OEM service for Code Jumper:

“SEEED has played a giant role in getting this product fully developed & manufactured. We have all been through a lot with this project. With all of the problems we have faced & all that we have overcome to bring this product to market, we have built a good deal of trust & respect between our 2 teams. I wanted you all to know that the quality of your work has been recognized not only by people here at APH but also by people outside of APH. Thank you for partnering with us on the Code Jumper project. ” 

Code Jumper Kit is an innovative educational tool designed for students with visual difficulties to enhance their computer coding and programming skills. Originally designed by Microsoft® and developed by American Printing House for the Blind (APH), manufactured by Seeed. “Code Jumper” is a physical computing language based on block coding, which has the shape of a power strip, and can be placed on a desk as an object. Code Jumper Project facilitates students to gain access to, and learn the latest technological programming and coding skills with joy, through which they can be self-empowered to do whatever they put their minds to do at present and in the future.

Seeed OEM service has supported Code Jumper at various stages of production: Toy testing compliant mechanical parts by Injection Molding, Production Engineering completed support, DFM, Fully Quality control from Incoming material inspection to Final Quality Assurance, and finally FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH, Toy Testing certification.

Manufacturing your products with Seeed OEM services!

If you have any product manufacturing needs, come to Seeed for OEM services! We can help you realize your great ideas economically and efficiently from idea to mass production!  

Interested? Let’s talk:  [email protected]

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  1. Toy testing compliant mechanical components via Injection Molding, Production Engineering finished support, DFM, Fully Quality control from Incoming material inspection to Final Quality Assurance, and FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH, Toy Testing certification were all provided by Seeed OEM service for Code Jumper.

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