Find the Right Solution for your Project from Seeed Studio’s Edge Series

We have discussed the trends and challenges brought by digital transformation and Industry 4.0 to traditional PLC and manufacturing in the previous blog, and explained how Seeed Studio’s Edge Series connects OT and IT under this trend, providing manufacturing more possibilities. 

In this blog, I would like to talk in detail the specific differences between the three products from Edge Series, and how you can match the right solution for your project.

The Edge Family for Industry from Seeed Studio

How to Find the Right Solution for your Project?

The EdgeLogix-RPi-1000 and EdgeBox-RPi-200 are powered by Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. The powerful computing capability and rich software ecosystem of Raspberry Pi are the unique advantages of these two products. As a compact edge controller, the EdgeBox-RPi-200 is definitely the best choice for high performance requirements with low prices. EdgeLogix-RPi-1000, with its HMI addition function and rich industrial Ethernet interfaces, supports both cellular and LoRa, and is more suitable for high-demand industrial scenarios. 

As a player focusing on edge controlling, Edgebox-ESP-100 has a built-in 4G module, also supports isolated AIOs. It is comparatively low cost but stable and enough performance, making it the best choice in lightweight industrial scenarios.

The Edge Series Architecture

The three products could all function in the middle edge computing layer with reTerminal/Plus, constituting the SCADA system, connecting OT and IT, but meeting the different needs in different projects. The unique advantages of these three products will be described in detail below.


  • Display for commissioning and diagnostics thanks to the HMI. it could adapt to customer-specific network settings and configuration, and support the display of system error messages and small information
  • The Scalability of the signal board provides exactly the inputs/outputs that are required for the respective tasks, also as multi-channels of MODBUS and CAN-OPEN
  • Optional for MES network or IT network
  • Optional for Modbus TCP for I/O extensions
  • Optional EtherCAT port for motion control
  • Modular I/O modules for USER-specific applications, connect a variety of field devices to the system


  • Compact edge industrial controller with less industrial Ethernet interfaces than EdgeLogix-RPi-1000
  • Raspberry Pi CM4 powered
  • WiFi, 5G, Bluetooth and other wireless transmission functions
  • HDMI interface intimately retained for potential extended HMI needs
  • UPS supported 


  • Powered by ESP 32S3, can be programmed with ESP-IDF 
  • Built-in 4G module, which means that you do not need to spend 50 dollars to buy another configuration
  • Both isolated DIOs and AIOs, as well as CANBUS

For detailed specification comparison, you could check below.

Why the Edge Series worth your Choice?

Seeed Studio has been hoping that more factories can achieve digital transformation and realize the connection of IT and OT. We have been trying to make digital transformation and Industry 4.0 no longer just the “privilege” of large factories.


The Edge Series is considered as an affordable choice, mainly because it will bring you low purchase cost, maintenance cost and also personnel cost, which can greatly reduce your project expenses.

  • Low purchase cost: compared with other products with same performance, the price of the Edge Series is very competitive, half or even lower. Seeed Studio has always emphasized ensuring lower prices for users through technologies and innovation on the basis of meeting the needs of industrial scenarios.
  • Low maintainance cost: ”I personally think you’ll see more raspberry pi’s in factory automation. Imagine you stock pile raspberry single board computers instead of very expensive PLC units. You can keep production cost down and having replacement parts on hand wouldn’t cost thousands of dollars or special tooling and an engineer with a specific background in name brand automation software. I also love the community behind raspberry pi!“ says one of our users.
  • Low personnel cost: Based on the powerful ecosystem and number of users of Raspberry Pi, many users can quickly understand and get started on the technology, which would greatly save the personnel cost. Raspberry Pi community could be your great help.


  • The Edge Series will remain in stable supply, relying on the strong manufacturing and logistics system in Shenzhen, China. As long as you have needs, Seeed Studio can provide you with corresponding services and products.


  • Industrial grade protection is there. The series also has ESD protection and EMI shielding, as well as the isolated IO.
  • The RoHS/CE/FCC/UKCA/TELEC certificaitons and two-year warranty are also provided, which can ensure that your project can enjoy the technical support of Seeed Studio official engineers within two years. 

In one word, for any factory or industrial project, if there is a need to connect OT and IT and integrated remote control, especially when you want to achieve reliable integrated management of mass production at a low budget, the Edge Series will certainly be your optimal solution.

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