XIAO Community Speaks Out: Your Valuable Feedback Steers the Course for the Future of Our XIAO Series

Time has flown by, and it is hard to believe that we have already entered the year 2024. Seeed Studio is thrilled to enter our 16th year with your unwavering support. Throughout our journey, we have introduced an extensive range of innovative products and services. One of our most famous collections among the Seeed community is undoubtedly the Seeed Studio XIAO series.

The XIAO community has been growing over the past few years, with more people learning about XIAO, contributing code, projects, and reference designs. To better address your needs and improve the series, we conducted a survey several weeks ago. It was heartening to see so many of you involved, and we received an impressive 877 feedback. In this blog post, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of the feedback we received concerning XIAO. It will cover the current status of XIAO, the expectations people have for XIAO’s future, and our plans for XIAO moving forward.

First of all, I want to give a shout out to these eight users who have won a free Grove Vision AI v2 Kit, they are Pj Glasso, Francesco, David White, Mohan, Victor Alonso Altamirano Izquierdo, Deane Williams, Hong Tran, and Abhinav krishna N. (Please reach out to Alison to claim your prize). We are immensely grateful to each participant who contributed to the enhancement of our XIAO series.

Which type of projects do you find most suited for XIAO?

Based on the responses, it appears that over 600 members have shown a strong preference for using the Seeed Studio XIAO in smart home systems, robotics, and TinyML projects. There could be several reasons for this.

For one, the XIAO is a powerful, yet compact, microcontroller that is well-suited for projects requiring small form factors. Its relatively low cost and energy efficiency make it ideal for battery-powered projects and other applications where space and power are tight.

Additionally, the XIAO is equipped with a range of sensors and interfaces, including analog and digital pins, I2C, SPI, and UART, making it a versatile option for a wide range of projects. This versatility, combined with its ease of programming, has made it a popular choice for robotics enthusiasts and those working in the TinyML space.

We have gathered several community-based projects revolving around different themes in the past. By clicking on the links provided below, you can access these links that can further fuel your inspiration and ideas.

What type of XIAO-related content do you enjoy in our community?

Next, our analysis indicates that the Wiki was deemed useful by 65% of users, closely followed by discovering innovative applications for the XIAO and community content, such as webinars.

Seeed Wiki platform dedicated to provide users with a comprehensive knowledge base that covers a range of topics related to the XIAO, including setup, programming, and troubleshooting. This information is presented in a organized and easy-to-understand manner, which allows users to quickly find the answers they need. In 2023, our engineer has made 147 updates exclusively for the XIAO Series based on the feedback collected from social medias, questionnaires, blogs, and our technical support team. Ensuring a better experience and providing comprehensive and detailed guidance are our utmost priorities.

Moreover, users appreciate discovering unique applications, which showcase the XIAO’s versatility, and engaging in community-based projects and content, which fosters skills growth and development through idea sharing and collaboration.

Last year, we generated a Wiki page that delivers a straightforward and comprehensible introduction to the applications of the XIAO series. Additionally, we have accumulated various masterpieces created by our community, using XIAO. For further exploration, please click here.

Use SenseCraft AI to effortlessly bring AI to devices – which AI models are you planning to deploy onto the XIAO ESP32S3 Sense?

We launched the SenseCraft AI platform last year, providing a simple way to train and deploy AI models using no-code/low-code techniques. The platform is specifically designed to work seamlessly with Seeed products, ensuring that trained models are perfectly compatible with them. By deploying these models via SenseCraft AI, identification results are instantly displayed on the website, allowing accurate assessment of their performance.

On the SenseCraft AI, a variety of pre-existing AI models are available, including person detection, gesture detection, face detection, apple detection, and other popular models. Additionally, users have the ability to create their own custom models using the platform’s capabilities, whereby pre-built or customized AI models can be deployed with ease. All that’s required is to connect the device, select the desired model, and observe the identification results directly on the platform.

What type of information would you like to see more of?

We have always made it a priority to produce valuable content, with our blog being one of the primary platforms. Currently, you can access a wide range of content on the blog, including the latest news and updates, case studies, details on events happening in the industry, information about open manufacturing, and much more.

Apart from our blogs, we are putting in considerable effort to deliver content in various formats.

Back on January 26th, we hosted a live stream event with the theme “AI+Everything in CES and Beyond“. The program covered several topics, such as trends and takeaways from CES2024 by Eric Pan, a special release of Grove Vision AI V2, and some fascinating demos. The chatbox was flooded with positive feedback and support from our viewers, which has encouraged us to continue providing valuable and inspiring content for our audience.

For our next live stream on February 29th, we will focus on “AGI+Everything“. During the program, we will share our experiments on incorporating EdgeLLM with Home Assistant, enabling you to build your own Jarvis for real-world applications.

🎬 Live stream recap video: https://lnkd.in/g5xeRPn4

In addition to the significant insights mentioned above, we have also received a considerable amount of suggestions, which we will certainly take into account for our future product launches. With the development of IoT and the integration of smart homes, there is a growing demand for new products that feature a combination of protocols such as Matter/Thread/Zigbee/WiFi/BLE. To address this need, we are excited to announce the upcoming release of a new XIAO board, which is based on ESP32C6 and will be capable of meeting the demands of a wider range of smart home applications. Please stay tuned for updates on this exciting new product!

In conclusion, we’re grateful for the support for the XIAO series and will continue providing valuable content. Stay tuned for upcoming releases and updates from Seeed.

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