Seeedstudio turns 3 years old next month, and because this is such a special event we’ve decide to launch our “Happy Hour” to celebrate with all our fans out there. What this means is that for couple hours every day from July 6th to July 8th, some of our featured products will be discounted at up to 50%! Yes, it’s our birthday but we’re ready to offer you presents!


Here we can point out which products will participate in this celebration in advance. Top-sell Seeedstudio products such as DSO Quad, DSO Nano v2, Seeeduino v2.21 (Atmega 328P), Arduino Sidekick Basic Kit and Grove – Starter Bundle will definitely join into the party. Moreover, some other interesting stuff will come along with them. If you got any suggestion about the discounted product list, please feel free to leave a comment below or tweet to inform us.




What times we’ll offer them? Could be any time span from July 6th to July 8th, and we will tweet the exact message that day so please follow us on Twitter at to find out. Don’t miss the daily tweet because the time of Happy Hour will change every day and you’ll have only couple hours to get the discounted products!


Start following us today and get yourself ready for our Happy Hour!




1. How can I participate? What do I have to do?

This is not a contest! You don’t need to answer questions or enter into lottery to get discounts. Everybody can enjoy the reduction once he/she sees the Happy Hour tweet and time hasn’t run out yet.


2. Is there a limit of discounted products you’ll deliver?

Yes, we will set a limit of each discounted product (from 20 to 50 units). Either the quota sold out or the time runs out, the discount for that product gone. Just be quick!


3. Why don’t you settle down the time of the Happy Hour?

We’ll change the time of the Happy Hour every day is for everybody in the world to have an equal chance to take advantage of it!


4. Is Twitter the only way to know? Is there anywhere else I can know about the list of discounted products of the day and when the Happy Hour start?

We’ll only communicate the availability on Twitter. This is because it allows for instant communication with our fans and the Happy Hour only last couple hours. We may post the news on the Blog or somewhere else but we can’t guarantee the Happy Hour will still be running when you see it.


5. I don’t have a Twitter account, what should I do?

We strongly suggest you to create one, and it takes only a few seconds from Once you’re done and connected, go to and click on “Follow”. You will then receive all our Tweets on the “Home” page of your Twitter account.

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