Shenzhen Mini Maker Faire review 2012


Shenzhen Mini Maker Faire (that’s official by Make) is a yearly event for creators/hackers/makers of all sorts, robots, and electronics, pretty much anything technical and creative.

This year’s event was held on 8th April at the F518 Idea Land, Shenzhen, China. Seeed played a key role in organization and operation, and was the exclusive sponsor for the whole event. It’s not easy for us, but thankfully that’s a good beginning. We had 30 booths with over 80 makers and more than 120 maker stuffs in the venue. Approximately 600 visitors joined the event and more than 10 local Medias reported the maker faire. Specially, this is the first time that Make Faire comes into China, and it could definitely light up the maker culture in China.

More pictures here.

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