It’s time to get excited, friends! Congratulations to the 2016 #DIYforFather Prize Winners!

First prize winner Phlip: A timer for autistic people, using BBGW and Node-red 


Project Applications:

Scenario1 – Supervision of autistic child: The worker is an autistic person and the carer is a parent. Each has a workstation and can see work progress when tasks are completed. Good performance happens when a task is finished on time. Poor performance is monitored as over time and an alarm is set at locally for the worker and at the carer’s workstation. When the work is complete the carer can discuss progress by viewing the timer gauges on the user interface.

Scenario2 – Supervision of the elderly: The supervisor is a nurse at a remote desk and the worker is an elderly patient. Work could include going to the toilet and returning to bed. If excessive time is spent on any task the nurse is informed by an alarm. A timer can be triggered by either a infra-red motion detector (PIR) or a wireless push button. Tasks can be extended by pressing a push button. A typical setup would be PIR at the bedside and a push button in the toilet.

Scenario3 – Children doing homework: Tasks are spent on individual subjects like Math, language, music etc. If excessive time is spent on a task a parent is informed.

Scenario4 – Supervision of assembly work in a factory: The work is split into tasks and each task has a time limit. If too much time is spend on a task then the supervisor is informed.


Second prize winner Shivam Gautam: NurseDuino – The Arduino Based Medicine Reminder & Dispenser


This Project is dedicated to my father and all fathers around the world. A lot of Fathers around the world are suffering from various diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure etc. It’s very important for them to take the required medication at right time. It’s a smart Arduino based device which keeps track of the time, when it’s the time to take the medicine. It dispenses the pills and starts beeping until your father takes the medicine and presses a button to silent the beeper. Then it goes into sleep mode until the next time of medicine.


Other interesting project:


Turning a real Pinball machine into a PinSim controller for the Oculus Rift

A hammer with engrave quote”Dad thank for building the Best Project of your life “

Running Reminder


Thanks for all the participation! We hope you’ll submit for the next contest: DIY for Kids on Summer Holiday. The deadline for entries is July 18th, 2016. For full submission guidelines, see our contest page.


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