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Our friends at SwitchDoc Labs has been building prototypes for engineering projects for many years. They wanted something that is supported by a number of manufacturers, no licensing fees involved, easy for beginners and younger folks to use, straight forward enough so they can build boards without much problem and flexible enough for use with all three of the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and the ESP8266.

Finally, they found Grove and now committed to support Grove in all new products. If you would like to get to know more about Grove connector project and reviews, Dr. John Shovic, the CTO of SwitchDoc Labs, has created GroveWeekly – Newsletter for the Grove IOT Prototyping System, please feel free to subscribe.

Thanks SwitchDoc Labs for sharing great Grove tutorials, which includes two parts: introduction to Grove Connectors and Grove Connector Project Examples for Raspberry Pi / Arduino, which are showing below:

Demo video: Connection a Grove Fan to the Raspberry Pi

Demo video:  Connecting an Grove Electroluminescent cable to the Raspberry Pi

Project 3:  Connecting an Grove O2 Sensor to the Arduino Mega2560