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Grove - ADC for Load Cell (HX711)

The Grove - ADC for Load Cell (HX711) is a 24-bit A/D converter designed specifically for the load cell, it's quite easy to build your Arduino weight sensor system with this module.

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Well, you can find more than a dozen load cells on Seeed Bazaar, however, it is never going to be easy to use these load cells to measure weight. Let's see, you need to find a proper ADC and stable power source, then do some wiring and calibration, at last, you still need to do the coding... Time is long, life is short, Grove - ADC for Load Cell is born to save your time and make it easy to use load cells. How easy? Easy and peasy!


The Grove - ADC for Load Cell (HX711) is a 24-bit A/D converter designed specifically for the load cell. It contains an on-chip low noise programmable amplifier with an optional gain of 32, 64 and 128. The HX711 chip integrates a regulated power supply, an on-chip clock oscillator, and other peripheral circuits, which have the advantages of high integration, fast response, and strong anti-interference.


With the Grove connector and 4-pin screw terminal, it becomes quite easy to connect the load cell and microcontroller, no soldering required. You can build your own Arduino weigh sensor system in just a few simple steps. 



  • Working voltage: 2.6V--5.5V (Note: The module measurement accuracy is related to the supply voltage. The higher the voltage, the higher the accuracy.)
  • Working current: <1.5mA
  • Detection accuracy: 24 bits
  • Optional 10SPS or 80SPS output data rate
  • Optional gain: 32 for Channel B / 64 and 128 for Channel A

Hardware Overview 


  • Channel A is for weight measurement, it has a programmable gain of 128 or 64.
  • Channel B is used for system parameter detection, it has a fixed 32 gain


HSCODE 8543709990
USHSCODE 8517180050
EUHSCODE 8517180000
EU DoC 1
RoHS 1
UK DoC 1



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