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Kittenbot KOI AI Module Based on K210 (RISC-V) - Supported by Micro:bit/Arduino/Raspberry Pi

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KOI is an Artificial Intelligence module which can be programmed graphically and used offline.The hardware includes a camera, microphone, speaker, IPS screen, Wi-Fi and much more.

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  • Featuring K210 RISC-V 64-bit Dual-Core CPU for Powerful AI Applications
  • Simply adds an AI brain to your projects with this cost-effective offline AI module
  • Comprehensive AI functions, including visual recognition, speech recognition, and speech synthesis
  • Discover AI through the simplicity of block-based programming
  • Ability to self-train on the module itself with the support of importing pre-trained models


Want to add AI functionalities to your Micro:bit, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi projects?

KOI got you covered. It simply adds an AI brain to your projects.

KOI is an Artificial Intelligence Module featuring the powerful Kendryte K210 SoC with 16MB of flash storage. However, if you want to add more storage for your demanding AI projects, the built-in SD Card slot allows you to do so, with support up to 16GB.

KOI takes a block-based programming approach which is simple and easy to learn, and it makes AI accessible to everyone!

This is powerful enough to do AI processing and model training on the module itself and supports importing pre-trained models as well. Furthermore, it features an adjustable camera, a microphone, a speaker, and an IPS display which makes it a complete package to get started with AI!

With the integrated Wi-Fi onboard, your device is able to connect to the cloud to upload and process data, which is an essential part of machine learning.

It can also realize functions such as vision recognition, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and much more. Its multiple functions enhance the learning of AI more systematical and comprehensive.

If you want to connect this module with your Lego projects, it has 4 Lego mounting holes which will help you to connect to your Lego projects.

KOI is Supported by The Following Boards

KOI can be connected with the following boards via the UART Interface. Also, it supports other microcontrollers that have serial port functions.


MCUKendryte K210
Flash 16MB
Display 1.3" IPS screen (240x240)
Camera RGB (640x480 )
Audio input / output 48K single-channel sample rate output
8K sample rate microphone input
Wi-Fi Based on ESP8285
Data output mode UART / Wi-Fi / USB
Image transmission channel USB / Wi-Fi
Buttons 2 x Programmable, 1 x RESET
Memory Card support SD Card (≤16GB)
Power supply 3.3~5V
Dimensions 58*40*24mm

Supported Programming Environments 

  • Kittenblock
  • Makecode
  • Micropython
  • Arduino (PlatformIO)


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  • Face recognition (Supports 20 classifications, outputs position and confidence)
  • Classifier (The user-defined recognition of any object supports up to 20 classes within 100 sample size; offline training, no computer operation or pre-loading of classification model to SD is needed)
  • Visual tracking (Circle / Rectangle / line / color block)
  • Voice Processing / IoT (Speech recognition & synthesis, Voice recording & playing, Voice transformation, Offline keyword recognition, Access of network or local sound database)
  • Scanning (Image recognition, OCR character recognition, license plate recognition, expression recognition, etc)

Hardware Overview

Parts List

  • Kittenbot KOI AI Module x1
  • Micro-USB Cable x1
  • 4-Pin Dupont Cable x1


HSCODE 8517180050
USHSCODE 8543708800
EUHSCODE 8543709099
RoHS 1




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    The development documentation provided is accurate and works well accordingly. I bought it for my child, but he adapts well and is using it.


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