A rainbowduino driven 4*4*4 RGB Cube

During Rainbowduino Carnival, we did our home work too, it took us again quite a lot time and quite some failures to make an easy-to-build Cube, RGB one! 🙂 The major challenge is on the structure, current prototype uses SMT led trying to make the assembly easier, but final visual results call DIP LED seriously.

The schematic is as below. 4*4*4, made just enough for a single rainbowduino to bring it to life.

Though we failed to catch the Carnival, it does not hinder our interest in this shiny gadget, following up actions will be done soon:

1. Final prototype with DIP LED

2. Prepare Kits to depot

2. An easy to use programming way

3. Casacading

Hope you like it 🙂

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