As somebody worry about the price of Seeeduino Stalker will be too high with GPS module , so we  separate the GPS module away from stalker .

And to make the GPS module easily to compatible with the existent shield , we use the same pin packaging as XBee wireless module.So you can put the GPS module into the existent shield which compatible with XBee.You can connect the GPS to Arduino by a XBee shield :

Also you can use the UartSB to connect the GPS module to USB port:

We use the u-blox NEO-5Q GPS moudle,  it provide a software named u-center to  analyze the GPS data and to reset the GPS module parameter. Put the GPS Bee on the UartSB , and connect the UartSB to the PC , open the u-center.exe , choose the UartSB port , then you can see the data that GPS module send back , and the software analyze  them and show you the specific information ,like : time , speed , latitude and longitude, ASL and so on.

Maybe you can use a software to change the data to a specific format that the Google Earth can read , then you can use the Google Earth to locate your position directly.

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  1. Very cool. Will it work with any Xbee Shield or just the one from SeeedStudio?

    How about a WiFi Bee or Bluetooth Bee?

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