Thank you for the birthday card

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When Seeed Studio is celebrating the 2nd birthday, our lovely Fans made these nice birthday card for us. Let’s check them out:

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This picture is pretty interesting. When i first saw it, i thought the text is added by Photoshop or something. But i realized i was wrong minutes later. This is a  danger-shield 7-Segment LED. The author wrote some code for it to let every letter flash for a second and then moved the board a bit during the breaks. Photo takes as 8 seconds long exposure.


A “Cake” made by our customer. Thank you very much! The cake sure taste great.

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You can visit our Flickr group for more creative pictures, and of course, as promised, we will send $20.10 USD free coupon for selected photos. Up-loaders can check their Flickr mailbox in 3 days to see if they win a bingo.

3 thoughts on “Thank you for the birthday card

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  2. thanks for featuring my pic. first idea was to take 5 shots and overlay them with PS, but this was really easy to do just by moving the board.

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