Seeed Product Naming Rule v0.9b

0.9b: From now on, you will see our new products usually are 0.9b, which means “new product”, ” pioneering batch for beta test”. There is risk for beta version since the design is not widely validated, so please be cautious if you are going to use them in any application that matters. The beta versions will be mostly sold at half price, if any major defect found you could ask:

1. Get a fixed replacement


2. Get a half price new version

1.0+: We will consolidate the suggestions and feedbacks for a revision, then ramp it up according to demand, the naming for mature product will then be 1.0 or bigger and without “b”. A mature product means it has been validated by about 100 customers and improved with feedback, proven working in most circumstances. But please carry out throughout experiment before practical use. We will be provide warranty in case any product falls out of specification, but can’t undertake joint liability. For example, if you sank a yacht with our music shield, we can’t afford the yacht but willing to see what’s happening on the shield .

Future revisions are possible and we can’t notify every customer about the change, but will keep you posted via this blog and twitter. The naming will be generally be:


x = major changes in functionality and obvious shape revision, direct substitution might not be possible

y = small changes in functionality and shape, compatible with previous version but might need some change

z = minor fixes or improvement which has no impact to basic usage

(v) = a(lpha) – internal prototype, might be available as engineering sample; b(eta) – beta test batch.

We will try make sure every product we delivered went through strict test and reliability validation, but we can’t promise consideration of every aspect. Hope this could make you understand better on the process while you are purchasing from us, we will only continuously deliver better products with your support! Thanks!

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  1. Sounds pretty standard, but it is good to have these things laid out plainly so that we all understand the rules.

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