Rainbowduino Score Board Project

Our customer Daniel recently built a ‘Score Board Project’ using Rainbowduino. Let’s check it out:

At work we have a Ping Pong table. It gets used almost every break and unfortunately I am never usually the winner. The most frustrating part of playing is that keeping score constantly leads to arguments that result in game restarts or just agreeing on a random even score.

To try and solve this issue I thought it would be a fun project to create a Ping Pong Score Board using an Arduino Mega that I had been messing around with. I was originally going to use 4 7-segment displays that I had for the display but after searching the internet for a better option I found the Rainbowduino. The Rainbowduino is an Arduino compatible controller board used for controlling an 8×8 RGB led matrix.

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