New Samples of GM Tube

Here we just got the samples of GM tube from Chinese military factory. They are J306β and J408γ, which are much cheaper than LND-712. Next we will try to make some prototypes and do some tests based on it.

Here are the specifications of the tubes:

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12 thoughts on “New Samples of GM Tube

  1. Does anyone know how to build a geiger muller tube? I would like to know the actual process to build not a geiger muller counter but a geiger muller tube.
    Any advice is appreciated!

  2. The idea of building a people’s network of sensors is what intrigues me, the easiest way I see to that that is with a simple twig or similar Geiger counter that can be attached to a simple monitoring device. I would like to find a way to attach it to a arduino with an ethernet shield and in so doing make a cheap cost effective node for such a network.
    I could do that with a couple rf bees and a couple Seeeduino Stalkers one with the ethernet shield, and one with the GM counter. Or I could use a blackwidow an a gm shield, but I would prefer a twig, so it could also be a weather station with more sensors.

  3. I don’t worry that much about alpha, as it is easy to shield from, the higher energy types are what scares me.

  4. rich:

    Do a cheap board to drive these as twigs and we can setup a worldwide monitoring system.

    UN:F [1.9.6_1107]
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    Seems cool, but it will be really a huge twig.

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