DSO Quad arrived at Seeed Studio

Seeed’ve received 300 sets of DSO Quad this afternoon! Next we are going to assemble all parts together, test and pack them.  All these things will spend about 3 more days,  so it is possible we can start ship them out on next monday!

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

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26 thoughts on “DSO Quad arrived at Seeed Studio

  1. Gee, I just had a thought, why not a statement from Seeed to the Beta people. Like where the “one” common thread should be for problems, isuues, comments, etc.

    Also, while I can see that mine has been shipped, I never did recieve any notice of shipment.

    Seeed guys, A little communication goes a long way!

  2. So you PLAN to overclock the 40 MHz version but didn’t do so in this shipment?

    IF I change the 40 MHz ADC out for a 80 Mhz version, how dificult would it be to boost the clocking rate? I planned on doing this IF the chip was overclocked. Didn’t seem reasonable to not pay a little bit more and get a ADC that was speced at 80. Seems like reliability would be far better.

  3. Hello,
    Very nice! I am happy you got all the 300 units. A couple of weeks delay is no big deal.

    I couldn’t see the DAC chip under the product sticker 🙂 Is the ADC 40 MHz overclocked to 80 Mhz or is it a 80Mhz version?

  4. I’m so excited to get mine!! The coupon seems like a great compromise. Don’t stress about the delays, sure it would have been nice to get them earlier, but this is beta stuff and there are always unexpected holdups.

  5. great!!!
    we love u seeed studio crew!
    I´m happy seeing that but now it´s harder to wait untill mine be in my hands!
    anyway good job and best regards
    we´ll read us


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