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We used to stock almost all products in static-free plastic bags. Fair enough, it’s convenient and also easy for people to handling. However, the plastic causes many problems like environmental pollution, weak protection and bad product image I’d like to say. So, we started to prepare a new packing method since couple months ago. And now here it is!



We have new packing boxes in two different sizes. Cute, aren’t they? The plastic bags will be gradually replaced by these new boxes. More importantly, the products will get a better protection as a consequence. A box for each board and the board is placed between two slices of static-free sponge, as comfort as a ham in a sandwich. That makes sure the products have a safe flight to your house!



Any comments? Are you expecting anything else inside the box?

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4 thoughts on “New Packing boxes!

  1. I don’t have much space to keep everything in boxes, I rather keep boards and larger components in bags, and all that I can fit in some box. Also, these bags can be sealed and in my opinion, they better protect the board after unpacking and frequent manipulation and it keeps the dust away.

    I saw somebody qustioning the foam conductivity, are you sure it’s protecting the board well?

  2. I’d happily accept some Seeed stickers or business card or some random stuff (RFID key fob?) if there are any. But what about small boards like IRtoy? Isn’t it a bit waste to put just one board in a box? I keep all circuits in their plastic pouches. The label helps me identify what’s inside. Also I can but them inside my backpack easily, boxes are kind of hard for that.

  3. Maybe Some Seeedit! Sticker! Some next buy discount cuppon! Some beautifull postcard from Seeedstudio Locations, Installation, or somenthing to share!

    Have a nice day to all @Seeedstudio.

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