WyoLum Innovation Grant 2011

WyoLum is a team of volunteers, learners and doers, who pool our resources and skills to make cool things. They commit to promote open source hardware and support the community. Currently, they announced two $1000 (USD) grants to support the most qualified innovators. Here are the rules of application (don’t worry, they’re fairly straightforward):



1. Projects must be 100% Open Source throughout the development timeline, with design files

    and code stored in a publicly accessible repository such as Google Code, SourceForge,

    SolderPad, Seeed Studio, or similar.

2. Project goals should be achievable within 6 months from the time the grant is awarded.

3. Winning projects must to agree to post project details as a condition of receiving funds and

    allow WyoLum to promote the project.

4. Grant funds will be delivered via PayPal. Applicants must have a PayPal account or be able to

    obtain one. Funds may be disbursed as a lump sum or as a schedule of payments at WyoLum


5. If applications are of low quality (to be determined at the desecration of WyoLum Judges),

    WyoLum reserves the right not to fund any projects or fund only one or fund several

    projects for less than $1000 for each.

6. Unless explicit consent is granted (see below), applications will not be shared or discussed

    outside of WyoLum Judges.

7. Completed applications must be received by December 3. Applications can be a combination

    of any or all of the following

            ● emailed to [email protected]

            ● Video posted on the web (please email the web address to [email protected])

            ● posted on the web (please email the web address to [email protected])

            ● snail-mailed to WyoLum Grants

                                      12334 Coleraine CT

                                      Reston, VA 20191


8. Dates:

            ● Announcement: October 29

            ● Question period: October 29 – November 5

            ● Submission deadline: December 3

            ● Winners announced: December 10, 2011


Entries will be evaluated on:

            ● Innovation

            ● Originality

            ● Technical feasibility

            ● Commercial viability

            ● Planned use of funds

            ● Timeline (Projects with goals that can be achieved within six months after the grant is

               awarded will score more favorably.)


Check full details at WyoLum Bolg. You probably need to get started now to meet the deadline!

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