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In the last several weeks, we have been working hard with our designers to bring new products to the market.  The .NET Gadgeteer space is growing which is evident by two new additions to the field.  Plus, we’ve got a fabulous, limited edition LED pocket watch and some new water flow sensors that you need to check out.

Looking for new enhancements to .NET Gadgeteer?  Look no further, the LightSense Module – .NET Gadgeteer Compatible is a new arrival that allows you to measure light intensity.  It requires socket type A and comes with a .NET Gadgeteer compatible cable.

If you’re a .NET Gadgeteer fan and you love the ease of use of Grove, then you will go crazy for the Grove Expansion – .NET Gadgeteer Compatible module.   This module allows for the cross platform use of affordable, Grove gizmos on the Gadgeteer platform and opens up a new realm of possibilities.  Plus, you can take advantage of using of your existing Grove circuits that you have at hand.

If you haven’t seen the Baisha Pocket Watch, then you need to.  High quality craftsmanship has gone into assembling this stylish, retro watch.  It will surely peak your interest with its unique tap and tilt time setting mechanism.  Tap the device to switch between the hours, minutes, and seconds and then tilt it clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the time.  There was a limited run of this item, so be sure to grab one before they’re gone.

Do you like the G1/2 Water Flow Sensor, but feel that you’ve got more flow to manage?  Look no further than the G3/4 Water Flow Sensor and the G1’1/4 Water Flow Sensor, they allow for measuring up to 60 L/min and 120L/min respectively.  They are perfect for use in liquid flow control, garden irrigation management, and other applications.  Plus, the hall-effect sensor allows for digital output.

Upcoming products

Be on the lookout for some more wonderful innovations to work with your Grove system.  Next time, we’ll be reviewing the Grove – 3 Axis Analog Accelerometer, a new analog option in the 3-axis accelerometer family.  This Grove module breakout board measures acceleration with a minimum full scale range of ±3 g.  Plus, it can be used in conjunction with the standard Arduino and the
Seeeduino Stalker.

In addition, the Grove – Heart rate ear clip kit V1.0 will be available.  A portable, heart rate monitor kit that allows for data output to the screen and/or to a file, it consists of an ear clip and a receiver module.  This is a great tool if you’re planning on building an application in the medical or athletic environment or if you’re just interested in your general well-being.

(written by Erin Linke)

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