Backing reaDIYmate on Kickstarter!

Good news!!! reaDIYmate has launched a Kickstarter campaign early on this month. Go check it out in the Kickstarter page, you won’t want to miss it.



Basically, reaDIYmates are fun Wi-fi paper companions that move and play sounds depending on what’s happening in your digital life. It’s a mix of low-tech and high-tech. You can set up your reaDIYmate’s behavior by using a simple could-based web interface. Define a single action or combine them to create a more sophisticated behavior. Here is the list of actions available at launch:


  • Facebook: Move and play an MP3 when you receive notifications, new messages, friend requests and likes (See the video below). Post a status when you press the button.
  • Twitter: Move and play an MP3 when you are mentioned and have new followers. Send a tweet when you press the button.
  • Foursquare: Move and play an MP3 when a friend is in a certain venue. Check-in when you press the button.
  • Gmail: Move and play an MP3 when you receive an email from a specific person or an email where the subject contains a keyword. Send an email when you press the button.
  • RSS: Move and play an MP3 when a feed is updated or when it contains a specific keyword.
  • IfThisThenThat: For even more channels, use ifttt to trigger events on your reaDIYmate.
  • Soundbox: Follow a SoundCloud user and the new sounds will be played on your reaDIYmate when they are posted.
  • Remote: Use your iPhone accelerometer to play in real-time with your reaDIYmate or the reaDIYmate of a friend! This is telekinesis! (See the video below!)
  • Inbox: Send an email with a sound attached to any reaDIYmate and it will play that sound.
  • Copycat: Do exactly the same things at the same time as another reaDIYmate.

Moreover, reaDIYmate is compatible to the Grove system. That extends reaDIYmate’s possibilities to a large extent. You have more than 50 plug-and-play electronic bricks from Seeed Studio to play with. You can also plug most Arduino shields onto the reaDIYmate board.


For now, 100+ people have backed this project, and your supports will be surely making the project even closer to real world. Let’s MAKE it!

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