Update-Winners of Special Gifts (Day4)

Hey dear friends, our 4-day activity of Seeed 4th Anniversary has come to an end. And before I give you the list of winners from Seeed bazaar (Day4), I would like to give a big thank-you to everyone who supports our products, services and activities. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful memories during these 4 years.

As an Open Hardware Facilitator, Seeed would love more interactive communication with the community. Also, we would love to help makers, hobbyists, hackers turn their creative ideas into products. While seeing you make great projects from a bunch of electronic components, we are also very excited.

We are planning to host more activities in the future. Any suggestions are welcomed! We value your ideas, and we will try to meet your demands.

Now let’s have a look at the winners from Seeed bazaar (Day 4)

Winners List

  Order ID Name E-mail Wish for
1 59803 Ve***ov ve***[email protected] Dragrove-Generic gateway for internet of things
2 59809 Ga***la go***[email protected] Papilio One 500K
3 59818 Dr***on dr***[email protected] Open logic sniffer probe cable
4 59822 Lu***li lu***[email protected] OLED Frame 128×64
5 59829 Su***ia sb***[email protected] Seeeduino Ethernet
6 59840 Al***un al***[email protected] DSO Nano v2
7 59841 Er***na er***[email protected] Seeeduino ADK Main Board
8 59844 Jo***on jo***[email protected] DSO Nano v2
9 59846 Lo***ms to***[email protected] Seeeduino Mega
10 59854 Jo***51 al***[email protected] Seeeduino ADK Main Board

 Congratulations on all the 80 winners (40 from Twitter and 40 from Seeed Bazaar) during this past 4 days. Your gifts will be shipped to you soon. Have fun playing with it and don’t forget to share with us if you make any cool stuff. Enjoy a happy weekend:)

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