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It’s been quite a while since the last New Product Post, and we have a ton of new products to share.  Get ready to be bowled over!

Low energy consumption is the key feature of Bluetooth 4.0 and the new Bluetooth Low Energy Shield (BLE Shield).  The consumption is so low that you can keep your Bluetooth device on for months.  Bluetooth is a favorite wireless control method among Arduino lovers, and this low energy benefit undoubtedly makes Bluetooth wireless control more portable and extends the battery life of your project.  You’ll also be excited to hear that it also enables you to control Arduino pins from an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad3.  This energy shield is the brainchild of RedBearLab, a Hong Kong (HK) based young, startup company, now working actively with other HK/Shenzhen (SZ) teams and manufacturers.  We celebrated the new release of their BLE Shield with a giveaway promotion and shipped out boards last Friday to five lucky winners.

(50ohm SMA Termination)

RF Explorer is a powerful hand tool for hackers who like to analyze wireless networks.  If you are also a fan, you will be thrilled at the latest expansion of the RF Explorer family.  It’s huge!  We have 6 new, unbelievable products:

1)       50ohm SMA Termination

2)       10dB SMA Attenuator

3)       30dB SMA Attenuator

4)       SMA Male/Female Adaptor

5)       RFEM WSUB3G Module

6)       RF Explorer – 3G Combo

(RF Explorer – 3G Combo)

Products 1 to 4 are adapters and act as prophylactics for your RF explorer.  The SMA Termination device protects against high radiation and/or strong electronic fields while the SMA Attenuators reduce power input, and allow you to measure stronger signals.  Plus, you’ll want to use the SMA Adaptor to protect your RF port from repeated wear and tear from attaching and detaching various adaptors.  Product 5 is a new expansion module that expands coverage to 15-2700 MHz, and product 6 is a new RF Explorer model with all the bells and whistles, including a broader spectrum range than existing modules and new WSUB3G modules.

Next up is Fubarino SD, a PIC powered microcontroller stick that’s also Arduino compatible.  It’s thin, extremely portable, and includes a native SD card slot, perfect for accessing files.  If you compare this board with a full size Arduino and a SD card shield added on, this is much more compact and elegant.

Light and Sound are common staples of DIY projects.  If you are considering an LED project, you won’t regret buying the Nachbau DIY Kit, a powerful LED driver platform that can control and address up to 256 LEDs.  Its popularity is out of this world.  100 units sold out within a week.  Crazy!  (Now for a little secret, we’ll be getting more in, in about 3 weeks.  Shhh…)

Big preorder news! Another fabulous hacking tool for true RF engineers!  The SARK – 110 Antenna Analyzer is capable of fast and accurate measurement of the vector impedance, VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio), vector reflection coefficient and other professional parameters. It’s a great way to tune your antenna or cut coax cables to exact electrical lengths.  It is small and light weight, get one for your equipment bag today!

The Makeblock team is always looking for ways to innovate their modular robotics kits, and they’re back with 5 new additions.  Now you can add some flair with blue or gold colors, 4WD, motors, and/or 496 mm extension pieces.

1)       Makeblock Configurable 4WD Robot Kit – Blue

2)       Makeblock 25mm Motor Kit – Blue

3)       Makeblock 25mm Motor Kit – Gold

4)       Makeblock Long Structure Extension Kit – Blue

5)       Makeblock Long Structure Extension Kit – Gold

One last fun item before we go.  Sick of Beige is back with another size in the basic series, the Sick of Beige Basic Case v1 (DP5031).  As always, Dangerous Prototypes allows you to display your product proudly and still have it available for modification.

There you go!  We had a lot to share this time.

Until next time, keep on Making.

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