Update-BLE Shield Give-away

Who are the lucky birds of this BLE Shield Give-away? Let’s have a look:

1.Harry Doukas

Harry would love to use BLE Shield to build a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response). Besides, he has written a book about building IoT (Internet of Things), and he would love to explore features of BLE Shield to help community members build IoT.

2.Jan Detlefsen

Jan has done a lot of OpenStreetMap mapping. He needs to add metadata to the tracks to let him choose road type while he is riding. In this way he will have better date to contribute to OSM. And another idea is to build a simple bicycle speedometer, which records speed data from the wheel and sends it to bike application.

3.Javier Montanuer

Javier presents two ideas about BLE Shield:

1)a low-power remote control using Arduino + IR sender + BLE shield controlled from an Android smartphone

2)a bridge between an NFC reader and a smartphone using BLE

4.Julian Bourne

Julian is making a project to report all the elements of Off-Grid Power System, feeding a multitude of sensors into various arduinos. And he is making an SMSC as a means of sending/receiving sms comments and commands for the system and network. This project will greatly facilitate the disabled to control with only a phone in hand

5.Sam Lin

Sam would love to use BLE Shield for two projects:

1) control OpenEVSE charging station for electric cars with iphone and android, his blog shows more about this project.

2) He has developed an RGB LED photic brain wave stimulator but not been able to interface it with iphone. BLE with iphone 4 will finally allow him to control 6 simultaneous data streams to the device.

Congratulations! And we are looking forward to seeing your reviews of the cool projects! For those whose names are not on the list above, don’t be frustrated, we will have more give-away activities soon. Stay tuned^^


September 2012