Prix Ars Electronica Nomination — Seeed invites you to join the grand gathering of media art


Have you noticed Prix Ars Electronica 2014 is approaching?
It is often called the Oscar of computer art. As the world’s premier cyber arts competition, Prix Ars Electronica has been a forum for artistic creativity and innovation since 1987. As the trend barometer in an ever-expanding and increasingly diversified world of media art, it provides a detailed look at the development of media art and a feel for its openness and diversity.



The theme of Prix Ars Electronica 2014 is “Smart Citizen” and divided into six categories:
– Computer animation / film / VFX
– Interactive art
– Digital communities
– U17 create your world
– Visionary pioneers of media art
– [the next idea] Voestalpine art and technology grant


As a member of the advisory committee of Prix AE, Seeed is glad to invite you to submit your project, especially with Seeed products used, such as Seeeduino, Grove, Shield, Xadow, etc.  We will nominate excellent ones to committee of Prix AE to join the accreditation before 24th Feb, 2014. So the deadline of your submission is 23rd Feb. The clock is ticking; seize the chance!
We also set two awards for you. We will send you a pack of Seeeduino GPRS when your project is nominated. If your project used Seeed product and won the prize of Prix AE, congratulations, you will receive a pack of Crazyflie. Isn’t it exciting?!

prix ars electronica 2012 - Brucknerhaus

What concerns you most may be how to submit your project. Firstly you should list the information of your project as below:
– One category you want to join
– Title of your project
– Information about your project and bio of the designer
– URL of your project
– Your real name
– Your e-mail

And then you can submit your work through ways listed below:
1. Leave the information in the comment.
2. Send the information to [email protected].
3. Tweet the information and @SeeedStudio.


Below are hot links which would help you know Prix AE better:

– More info about categories:
– More info about pizes:
– More info about previous winners:

And here are some tips for you:
– Deadline of our nomination is 23:00 Beijing time on 23rd Feb, 2014.
– It would be better to describe your project in English.
– Make sure the originality of your project.
– All rights reserved by Seeed Studio.

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