DIY an SMT Component Counter


To help the technicians solve the problems of sorting out numerous & various electronic components, the engineers here in Seeed designed a new SMT component counter.

It’s easy and economic to DIY this device. We use simply Makeblock structure parts to build the base stand. The combination of step motor, gear and automatic cutting apparatus make it possible to drive the SMT reel, count and cut automatically. Let’s take a closer look at this device.


In software & hardware, we use Seeeduino, Motor Shield, TFT Touch Shield to control conveniently. As to other parts, it’s quick-and-easy to make, via the CNC machine here in Seeed office 😀

IMG_2219 IMG_2208
You might be wondering what functions it can achieve. Well, here are some:

1. Expect the belt gap, 2, 4, 6, 8 …mm.

2. Set the amount of different components for counting, e.g. 1~n.

3. The stepper motor starts/stops smoothly, avoiding damages to the components/reels.

4. Accuracy in counting, zero tolerance.

5. Automatically cut the reel when reaching the preset amount of components.

6. Adjustable conveyor width, making it applicable to SMT reels of different widths. (This device is applicable to width between 8~16mm.)

This video shows you how this SMT component counter works.

Have you built any projects to solve problems or add fun to your life? Welcome to share with us 🙂

Enjoy making!

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  1. Hey,
    I plan to build a similar device for counting SMD components in the near future.
    Are there any plans for building this device, how could I get it?
    Please contact.

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