MicroNFCBoard brings NFC technology


mbed.org writes:

Have you seen the recent Kickstarter, MicroNFCBoard? Well the creator is one of mbed’s very own, Donatien Garnier. Donatien is a former mbed intern (from about 4 years back) and active mbed community member. I got a chance to met him at our team bbq in Cambridge just a few weeks ago and got a close up look at his new Kickstarter project!

MicroNFCBoard is an mbed-enabled board with Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality and it makes it really easy to use all three NFC modes (tag reading/write, tag emulation and Android Beam/P2P). It contains a NFC transceiver, a microcontroller and all the software you need to use NFC. The board features a NXP LPC11U34 microcontroller based on an ARM Cortex-M0 and a bunch of peripherals.


We love mbed,  LPC11U34 + PN512 is a good combination to bring NFC technology nowadays.

We prepared Arch Cookbook, which is a cookbook to get started with mbed for you.  Find our mbed products here.

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