Cricut Explore Unboxing

2014-07-14 16_22_07

Recently we bought two cricut explore. Here is our unboxing and testing experience in our mini tech shop.

IMG_3596    IMG_3600

Open the carbon packing firstly.

IMG_3602    IMG_3601

The cricut explore is well protected by a bag, take it out carefully.


Well industry design, simple and elegant.

IMG_3607    IMG_3605

the accessories are:

  • pen
  • knife
  • power adaptor
  • usb cable

IMG_3609    IMG_3611

Put the knife and pen to correct place as instruction says.

IMG_3617    IMG_3618

You may update the firmware during the first time using it, do not unplug the cable during the process.


Some paper and cards are included in the pack, they are paper, cardstock, vinyl, you can buy all supplies here.


Confirm the material according to the rotate wheel, then go with the middle button.

IMG_3635 IMG_3636

TEST1: cut on average A4 paper

It’s totally cut through. T_T

IMG_3638 IMG_3640

Choose the light cardstock, it’s perfect.

Generally the machine is good to use, you need plenty of materials to create a sample projects on the Cricut Design Space, there are some free project for you to get started, lot’s of paid projects are also nice too.

to be continued.

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