Guess&Giveaway #SeeedHit 8th

We are hit too fast this time! It’s really a clever way by focusing what we updated on wiki and github.

Grove – Gesture v1.0 will be released soon.

Here’s new puzzle for weekends, we guarantee there’s no more leaks on web.


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7 thoughts on “Guess&Giveaway #SeeedHit 8th

  1. OK, I asked a colleague what the large Chinese words mean. “no matter how far away a place is, you can always get there”. That in the end was no real help for knowing what this setup does. I was thinking of a setup that connected two remote places together, but then I would have expected a camera.
    Based on the source code that Sam found (how did you do that?) it really seems like a demo system. Behind the 4 Chinese words is NeoPixel LED strip. The setup normally shows the time on the screen. When you double-tab the screen it moves the LEDcolors in the NeoPixel strip (so the colors shift through the strip). When you tilt the setup, it goes into a 25 minute countdown mode (and set the color on the LED strip according to the remaining time).
    The whole sensor and humidity setup is not used on the source code , so it remains unclear what was intended.

    1. I cannot give up all my secrets…
      I mainly am very good at object identification and querying from different angles. This tied with a really good memory of Arduino parts is a killer combination for these Guess & Giveaways. Once you identify all the parts of the whole, ask yourself what it could be used for. A friend of mine asked if I knew what the text meant, and I said at that point it didn’t matter. I had the base parts, and I took into context who Seeed was (a Maker supplier), and I had a solid idea of what it was.

  2. OK, so here we go:
    I found some code in github for “cupduino” and it looks to be accurate to what I see here.
    Screen is the 2.8″ TFT Touch Shield V2.0:
    Temperature & Humidity sensor (pin 10) is the Grove Pro version:
    I’m guessing the light sensor is also Grove on pin a6:
    The humidifier is there as an interactive part of the display, setting off the sensor right above it. It looks to be ultrasonic, and is controlled by the ‘duino on pin 9.
    There’s a number of neopixels in the project to handle the lighting, that’s how the different colors show up. This is driven off of pin 8.
    Along with these, there’s a buzzer on pin 3.

    The code is incomplete as to the setup’s full functionality, but based on it’s size and setup, I’m saything that this was probably a setup for SXSW or the upcoming San Francisco meetup to demonstrate just a few of the things that can be prototyped.

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