6-year running way together, Robotshop and Seeed “put robotics at your service”!

Six years have passed since RobotShop has been working with Seeedstudio in 2009, when Seeedstudio parts for sale started listing on the RobotShop website. And now the amount of product variety that Robotshop purchased from Seeed is close to 500,while the number is continually increasing. Seeedstudio has offered continued support over the years as well as new robot parts essential to RobotShop’s product line for hobbyists and tinkerers.


During all these years, Robotshop is constantly growing and offering new products and services to customers, and now it is continuously working on the 5th generation of their website and being the one stop shop for everything about robotics.

While dates back to the year when Robotshop started in 2003, it was just an apartment in Ville Saint-Laurent, all of whose rooms were only used to store its products. You even can’t imagine that their orders were prepared on their kitchen table and they would often walk packages over to their neighborhood post office.

Robotshop had been growing rapidly and steadily after its site was launched. And it has been among the fastest growing companies in Canada for 3 years in a row.

On the way for Robotshop heading to “the world’s leading source for robotics technology and to put robotics at your service”, it still remains lots of things to do. As to the cooperation with Seeed, RobotShop is always excited to enter new products in their catalog and looking forward to new Seeedstudio products. Besides, Robotshop expect that there will many more opportunities for them to grow their partnership with Seeed.


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May 2015