#Weekly Recipe: 2nd week August

In this week, there are more and more interesting Recipe contributed by friends around the world. Make a POV-Display and show the image you want; DIY an interactive game playing with friends; make a plant box taking good care of your flowers… Let us look back these Recipe in this week and make something in this wonderful weekend. JUST DO IT!

“Rotating LEDs (POV-Display)” Contributed by OliverQ55c9f3a1c2cebOur project is a light that uses the duration of vision to visualize different characters. This can be achieved by high speed rotating. Made by Zhixiong Yue and Baotong Tian in SUSTech.

“Orange Maze” Contributed by SZDIYmaze_meitu_1This is a winning project from MakeBlock 2015 Makarathon in Shenzhen on January. It is an interactive game that needs three person to play. The central part is a wooden maze that has a ball and a hole. The goal is to put the ball into the hole. Each person controls the elevation of one side of the board, and they have to cooperate with each other to finish the maze in the time limit.

“Build your own realtime Weaplaio(WeatherDisplayer)” Contributed by MARtinT3CH 55cb08f78b28d My thermometer, my way. DIY a realtime weather displayer by yourself!

“A Plant Box with Lightning and Raining” Contributed by looveeFEKNQUHICRXPHPN.MEDIUMYou know it always rain cats and dogs in the summer of Shenzhen. I was inspired from the rain. Of curse it don’t mean I will put the plant to outside and rain it. I was thinking why not built a box can rain and with lighting. Sounds like a good idea, just MAKE!

DIY a Bicycle Taillight with Arduino Contributed by loovee

55c856f71da68Cu’z the love of bicycle, I was thinking DIY many thing on the bike, suck as the taillight, a stopwatch, burglar alarm, GPS tracker and so on, it’s too many to list it. But time is always limit, I don’t ever get started. Today, I am going to make it happen. Make this taillight to start.

This taillight is based on Ardino, thus this is programmable and customizable, it’s your own taillight, and it’s unparalleled.

Enjoy your weekend:)


August 2015