Hi #Makers, thank you for your participation in Seeed’s 7th anniversary event. As long as the event goes on, we will keep announcing the lucky ones in this post until the end of this event, so stay with us and GET LUCKY:

Day 1. (Aug. 14th, 9:00~Aug. 15th, 8:59, EST):
1, First Prize: Mathew Johnson.
2, Second prize: Alberto Tam Yong.
3, Third prize: John Cochran.
Day 2. (Aug. 15th, 9:00~Aug. 16th, 8:59, EST):
1, First Prize: Numh Ph.
2, Second prize: Greg Moyle.
3, Third prize: Paul Scott.
Day 3. (Aug. 16th, 9:00~Aug. 17th, 8:59, EST):
1, First Prize: Kee Cheah Chan.
2, Second prize: Martin Gitzel.
3, Third prize: Ira Schonfeld.
Day4. (Aug. 17th, 9:00~Aug 18th, 8:59, EST):
1, First Prize: Thiruselvam Ponniah. 
2, Second prize: Ânderson Ignácio da Silva.
3, Third prize: Hugo Gallo. 
Day5. (Aug. 18th, 9:00~Aug 19th, 8:59, EST):
1.First Prize: Constantin Craciun.
2.Second Prize: David Neves.
3.Third Prize: Дарко Кулић.
Day6:Here are the winners of the sixth day (Aug. 19th, 9:00~Aug 20th, 23:59, EST):
1.First Prize: Mark Hembrow.
2.Second Prize: Arthur Becker.
3.Third Prize: Johannes Bergmann.
Don’t be disappointed if you are NOT in above list, we will keep picking 3 lucky ones randomly everyday, so keep your eyes on this blog!
To get your prizes:
Please reply us in Facebook/Twitter your shipping& email address by private message. We will notice you a tracking number by email after we ship it in Sep. 1st, 2015.

For more explaination about rule, please visit our campaign page: