WEEKLY NEW PRODUCTS RELEASE: PiShow 2.8″ Resistive Touch Display is ready to order now!

Hello friends! We released a lot of great products this week, come on and get to see what’s brand new now!

1)PiShow 2.8″ Resistive Touch Display

Looking for a perfect Raspberry Pi Display? PiShow 2.8″ Resistive Touch Display features 2.8’’ TFT LCD and resistive touch panel, 65K colors and 320×240 pixel resolution. With the touch panel, you could play the Raspberry Pi without the need for a mouse. It’s very easy to setup, without the need for a cable or extra power supply,. It is specially designed for Model B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.


2)GoPiGo Base Kit

GoPiGo is a robot car! The Base Kit is perfect if you already have a Raspberry Pi and want to get it moving. It comes with everything you need to get your Raspberry Pi rolling including the GoPiGo board, chassis, wheels, motors, encoders, and power battery pack. With the Raspberry Pi acting as the brains of the robot, the possibilities are infinite.


3)Arch Link

Bluetooth low energy device is so hot those days. Have you ever tried one? Maybe you can start with this Arch Link product, it is an mbed enabled development board based on Nordic nRF51822 and WIZnet W5500 Ethernet interface. With Arduino form factor, Grove connectors and micro SD interface, it is extremely easy to create a bluetooth low energy device.


4)Seeeduino V4.2

There’re so many Arduinos and Arduino-compatible boards in the world, and we think that Seeeduino V4.2 is one of the best Arduinos, Seeeduino V4.2 is much more stable, easy-to-use and even good looking. It is based the Arduino UNO bootloader, and with an ATMEGA16U2 as a Uart-to-USB converter, which means that the board ca basically work like a FTDI chip. 102010026

5)Grove Base Shield for NodeMCU

This Grove Base Shield helps you to play with Grove sensors on an ESP8266 WIFI development kit which called NodeMCU. You can run Grove sensor with Lua script language in the NodeMCU firmware.


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