Hi dear friends, how time flies, it’s weekend again! In this weekend, we prepare some warm-hearted projects, such as a colour LCD to show how far one is from a home location; two BBG recipe helps you understand BBG better; and interesting project “MrRobot” which can be controlled by APP.

“Dorothy – a project for those away from home”  contributed by Gergely Imreh55db41bbc3fd5lcd“Using a LinkIt one with a colour LCD to show how far one is from a home location. The colour changes depending on the distance, and can drop location markers at will to “redefine” home if needed.”

“MrRobot – Ubuntu Mobile app enabled Robotics” contributed by Joseph WANG55daef2e5ed6a“Project MrRobot is an Ubuntu Mobile app enabled Robotics which has the feature of voice, touch and shake control to interact with the Rapiro.”

“How to use the Grove-UART port as a GPIO on BBG” contributed by Kevin Lee55dac36d6a1bb“This project is a tutorial which can teach you how to use the Grove – UART interface as a Digital I/O, and there’s also a blink demo. By the time you’re done with the tutorial you can use many other Grove modules such as Grove – LED, Grove – Button, Grove – Buzzer and so on.”

“Smart Light Demo with BBG & BBG Start Kit” contributed by Kevin Lee55dac4f89c21c“At persent, more and more people want to control their household appliances conveniently, maybe this project can help you. You can easily turn on/off your table lamp through web brower, sound and button.”

“Missed Call Notifier Using ESP8266” contributed by Dushurecipe“One of the first projects I had created when I started my journey into electronics was a missed call notifier.  Recently I had bought a couple of ESP8266 modules (ESP-01) and thought this might be a good first project. Didn’t need many GPIOs, and wifi would be easier to work than bluetooth (as Tasker can directly access web pages).”

Have a nice weekend:)

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