In celebration of its 4th anniversary, Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new version Raspberry Pi 3. With on-board WiFi / Bluetooth support and an 64bit improved Processor, Raspberry Pi v3 will be an exciting board for Makers, Engineers and Students.

What is New in Pi 3 compared to Pi 2?


We have created a wiki page for comparison in full details including SoC, chip antenna, position of LEDs, RUN pin-header, WiFi and BL.

 Pi2 Pi3 comparison

Compatibility of Pi 3

Most of our Pi accessories are compatible with Pi 3 according to our testing results. However, it is required to burn the system of SD card if you use it.

Pre-order and Shipping Date of Pi 3

We opened pre-order on this Monday for our users. The estimated shipping date will be in 31th, March. Can’t wait to get the board in our hand.


pi 3

Pi 3 Pre-order Available Now!
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