Weekly New Products Release: RePhone Geo Kit is ready to order now!

Hello Everybody! There are a lot of great products released in Seeed this week, come on and check out what’s brand new now!

1) RePhone Geo KitRePhone Lumi Kit

Everybody loves RePhone, the World’s First Open Source and Modular Phone. Today we provide you the RePhone Geo Kit for you to track things down. The combination of Xadow GSM+BLE and Xadow GPS v2 is what makes RePhone Geo Kit brilliant. The kit can fulfill your GPS based project easily and excellently. It allows you to obtain the real-time geographic position, altitude, travelling speed and time information at any time, and all-weather conditions, through GSM network (SMS). Also as a bonus, the Xadow GSM Breakout can provides you more possibilities hacking electronics.

Meanwhile we have a specially RePhone Lumi Kit  designed for LED lovers , embedding the Xadow GSM+BLE module into your awesome lighting device and control the light via SMS or Bluetooth!


2) ChromaTab

The ChromaTab is a tiny, Arduino compatible, a board that can be soldered directly onto a WS2812B intelligent LED strip.Based on the Arduino ProMini and built around a ATMEGA329P, the ChromaTab is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE and can be easily updated or customized with new sketches. Sketches can be uploaded via a USB to serial converter. The firmware is based around the Adafruit Neopixel library and so new animations and effects can easily be created.Measuring just 10mm in width, the ChromaTab can easily fit into the tight spaces you may want to fit lengths of WS2812B strip. The extruded aluminium profiles you can get for mounting LED lighting is one such place you may want to fit these strips with a ChromaTab.114990354

3) SODAQ Autonomo

We believe you can save yourself a lot of time by being notified of important information. The information you want and need should come to you, magically. The Autonomo is a matchbox sized powerhouse which uses the new Atmel Cortex M0+ 32bit microcontroller. We designed it to be autonomous (self-sufficient) by enabling it to be powered by a smartphone sized solar panel. It will enable you to create devices that will notify you about anything. SODAQ built a next generation, Arduino-compatible board that can record data and trigger actions in any environment.114990280

4) 96Boards Sensors

96Boards are quite hot those days. The 96Boards Sensors Mezzanine adapter makes it simple and easy to connect sensors and devices to any 96Boards-compatible base board. With it you can connect your favourite Grove modules and Arduino compatible shields and interface to software running on the 96Boards baseboard. It provides everything you need to start experimenting and prototyping on the 96Boards platform.On the board you will find sockets for 18 Grove modules, an Arduino-compatible shield socket, and two SPI headers. It also includes an ATMega328 microcontroller which can be programmed from the Arduino IDE and will run most Arduino UNO sketches unchanged. The shield connector and 10 of the Grove sockets are controlled by the microcontroller, while the remaining 8 Grove sockets are controlled directly by the baseboard. This makes it a flexible prototyping platform which supports both direct control of devices from application software, and offload to a microcontroller. It also provides a USB-UART interface to access the baseboard’s serial console.


5) HiFiBerry Digi+ standard

Everybody loves Raspberry Pi, and this HiFiBerry Digi+ is a high-quality S/PDIF output board for the Raspberry Pi (newer models with 40 pin GPIO connector).It is a high quality digital audio connection to connect high quality DACs using an optical or electrical output. No soldering requirements, it comes as a pre-fabricated kit. You just plug it onto the Raspberry Pi, it is conform to the Raspberry Pi hardware-attached-on-top (HAT) specification.




March 2016