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Wio Link was selected as a mobile tool for IT pros — written by on infoworld site. The essay is provided below.

SeeedStudio Wio Link

The Internet of things has great potential as an aiding technology for IT admins, capturing the imagination for potential use until you realize how much programming is typically involved. For instance, you might want something quick and dirty to check a plumbing repair across the wall from vital machines. Either way, as IT admins, we want to be able to toss around sensors without getting mired in soldering and programming.

SeeedStudio’s kickstarter launch of Wio Link is finally caught up enough to take orders. Promising no hardware programming, no breadboard, no jumper wires, and no soldering, this click-and-go sensor system gets the data up into the cloud where you can look at the dashboard or, if you’re so inclined, harvest the data for more advanced uses with Python or a myriad of other programming interfaces. The basic Wio app is available for iOS or Android and will give you readings off your Grove plug-and-play, open source sensors and actuators attached to your Wio in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

The collection of Grove-compatible sensors is simply staggering, all the way to various types of gas sensors, temp, humidity, door, soil moisture, and many more.

Wio Link setup is as simple as filling out a recipe from your collection of sensors and going to the Web portal to look at your data. With a full set of restful APIs, you can use your favorite system to visualize your data.

Price: Free
Developer: SeeedStudio
Availability: iOS | Android


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