Congratulations to dTOOR on the first sales of Cyrcle phones on Mother’s Day! It was a very important day for founders at dTOOR, it was Mother’s Day, and both dTOOR’s founders are mothers. The results of their hard work over the last year provided an amazing gift for two mothers.



They sold the first Cyrcle phones via a “Build-a-Phone” class. This class will teach people how to put together a simple mobile phone in 10 minutes. You will learn about makerboards and kit phones, and what sets this one apart from the rest. Instructors will help you identify a few of the electronic parts on your phone kit and introduce you to some SIM card details so that you can make a decision about your SIM card. Then you build your phone which you can take home to wow your friends and family.


The dTOOR mission is to inspire non-rectangular mobile phones for non-rectangular people through examples and education. It is a simple “detour” from mainstream technology.

Few days ago, dTOOR INC, SPC got interviewed and reported on, introducing the history of the team, see more on

History of dTOOR INC, SPC


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