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For the past two weeks, we have invited makers in our community to share their ideas by submitting a post on topic section. The BeagleBone Green Wireless idea contest attracted some of the most diverse and compelling projects we’ve ever seen on SeeedStudio. And our heartfelt thank you to all of the members who took time and contributed their ideas out there for the contest. Without further ado, we couldn’t be prouder to announce the winners!

Gold Ideas:

1)SAM – an Integrated Sound and Music system for the home by dsrc12


This proposal is for a home sound entertainment system that is fully integrated into a home automation system. The system will replace the numerous hand held controllers with just one – an old re-cycled infra-red controller will be used. It will also replace all existing speakers and sound systems with just the one integrated sound system. The system will play Internet radio, music from the home music server and any sound the house needs including alarm sounds to create an integrated soundscape.


2) Intelligent BirdHouse by Gustavo Reynaga


The idea is to use the design of a birdhouse, that inside, install the SeeedStudio BBGWireless, to control

– watering the garden or plants

– Turning on the lights garden

– Sensing the temperature and humidity

– Allows you to sense motion and play various tones and effects

– Be self-sustaining using solar cells to charge the batteries


3) Web of Things Gateway Proxy with BBGW by jollen


Web of Things (WoT) is a shorthand for connecting IoT devices over the web. And “Proxy” is the role of gateway sensor node in WoT network. In this project, the “Proxy” software of WoT will be installed at SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green Wireless . The hardware has a 2.4-GHz wireless module on board which makes it to ease prototyping WoT “Proxy”.


4) Weather Station / Indoor climate control by Zayas

Weather station

A couple weather sensors in an enclosure mounted outside somewhere. Add a few more BLE modules to control linear motors on my windows to open and close them and turn fans on/off depending on the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors.


5)  Smart PIR with BBGWireless by jproot


This idea is to make a device which is capable of determining people movement within the limited operation range of the sensor. The device will update the status (On/Off of PIR sensor and distance which is read by ultrasonic sensors) and upload all collected data to cloud server. Mobile devices, tablets or PCs connected to the server can see the data and emergency notifications from sensing system.


6) IoT sensor network for home safety with BBGW by rsjaw14


The idea is to use the BeagleBone Green Wireless since it has on board Wi-Fi connectivity, it can be connected with the Wi-Fi at your home. Along with Grove sensors like Grove LPG sensor, Grove Flame sensor, Grove relay (for triggering alarm in case of theft) Grove accelerometer (for movement detection of the door), Grove buzzer and Grove O-LED display interfaced with the board.


7) Smart Elderly Care with BBGW by karthickcj0083


For this BeagleBone Green Wireless board-based circuitry should be incorporated in the everyday clothes (like house-shoes, slippers, …). It contains BeagleBone board controller, numerous other sensors and actuators, Wi-Fi chip, … with connection to a cloud by Cloud9 IDE. It collects information about periods of activity and inactivity, analyzes them, and makes conclusions and advice to elders, relatives and supporting personnel. Finally, it provides various warnings about the current state and forecasts about forthcoming threats.


8) Moving Mailbox for Mobility Impaired with BBGW by hfb


My basic idea is to have a potentially moving mailbox that can help those that may be impaired and can’t get down the driveway to pick up their mail. The premise of this project is that the BBGW would sit in the mailbox and would be powered by the battery. The battery is continually charged with the solar cell and charging circuit. When the mailman delivers the mail, the sensors would detect when the box was opened and moved with the two sensors. Once that is done, the BBGW would send a text message to the inhabitant letting them know the mail has arrived. Whenever the user is ready to go to the door to get the mail, they respond back to the text message and this will trigger the mailbox motor driver to power on.


Silver Ideas:

1) Wireless network protocol interface for the IoT with BBGW by Mike Barela

2) Tracking airplanes with BBGW and RTL-SDR by saudin.dizdarevic

3) Robotic Pool Cleaner with BBGW by ArduinoBasics

4) Wireless led matrix by Keypad

5) Ultra Secure home wifi hotspot with BBGW by dan ringer

6) Wireless quadcopter development platform based on a BBGW by bjonesen

7) Home Security and Warning System with BBGW by ArduinoBasics