2016 Father’s Day Gifts Guide: Just for him!


Father’s Day is just a few days away. It’s that time of year again, the time when you have no idea what to get your dad (or brother or husband or son) for Father’s Day. Fear not, friends.

We have some inspiring ideas, both big and small, that have Seeed technology in them. Hopefully, they’ll help you make a decision (links to purchase and recipe).

1) Surprising gift box

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Really cute and full of surprise! This is a DIY kit for you to make a surprise box. Try to record what you want to say in advance, and the box would play the pre-recorded words you said to the ones who open it.

2) Back in Time – Make your wooden counter-clockwise clock


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Have you watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a story about a man living forward and growing back in time. This clock would run backward, and tell you something about the atmosphere when time goes back. Cherish the past and look forward to the future.

3) Rain Light Umbrella

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Make your umbrella lighting in the rain. Let’s have the Grove – Logic DC Jack as the controller, which is the powerful brain of your project, Grove – water sensor as the input and EL Wire as the output. After complete connections, the EL Wire-Green will light up when there’s water falling on the sensor. Check out our Recipe for step-by-step tutorials and make one on your own.

4) DIY a lovely owl electronic pin


It’s feeling good to make for the one you love. Like kids, they may not try to make anything before, the wool may be a good start for them. You don’t need many software and hardware knowledge here. Combining with some open sources hardware module, you can make something easily. Read our Recipe for step-by-step tutorials.

5) Maker Garden


Maker Garden aims at promoting the spirit of recycling and protecting the environment, therefore, it is consist of discarded plastic bottles. There are some LEDs inside the bottles that are connected to Arduino to make it sensor lights. Make a gift for the one you love and protect environment at the same time. How wonderful is that?

Not enough?

Moreover, to encourage more makers to celebrate the Father’s day with the community and to make the world warmer together, we are hosting an interesting sharing activity in our community (seeed.cc). You are welcome to join and to share the warmth. It would be so great to work out with your children if you are a father, which should be educative and funny. It would be a surprise to your father if he received your DIY gift. More information, please read the topic post.


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