The Results Are In – Announcing best LinkIt ONE ideas: Winners of our idea contest

We asked for the best LinkIt ONE project idea in Seeed community, and we had so many amazing submissions that we couldn’t just choose one!  Take a look at some of ideas.  They’re making our community better– from Smart Farming e-Monitoring System to Smart Safety device for all ages. Here are the winners of The LinkIt ONE idea contest:

1) SMS Authenticated light weight Remote File server over Wi-Fi by boseji


Cloud file and content distribution has become ubiquitous. However there is still a gap for local authenticated but ad-hock / on-the-go kind of content delivery systems. If someone wants to share a file with others then they tend to keep it in any of the cloud storage providers such as Google drive, Dropbox one Drive .etc. and share the link. What if one needs to do it on the fly and that too securely? Like in a conference or meeting. Pen-drives / SD card – that can be possible with only few people. What if there are more than one users and not located at the same place. This project aims to solve this 3 fold problem using Linkit ONE. Read more on the topic post.


2) Smart Farming e-Monitoring System using LinkIt ONE by

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The main idea of my project is about the development of ‘Smart Farming e-Monitoring System’. The objective of this project is the farmers can monitor his agriculture lands by using his mobile phone. Smart farming brings out the concept of Internet of Things through which he monitors the data obtained from the sensors. IoT sensors capable of providing farmers with information about crop yields, rainfall, pest infestation, and soil nutrition are invaluable to production and offer precise data which can be used to improve farming techniques.

3) Kids Sleep Monitor with Linkit ONE by laurencehr


Parents are afraid to leave your child home alone when they’re out. I choose the communication channel as GSM (for SMS) instead of internet. Adding some wearable device (such as Hexiwear, or Pebble Time) with a temperature sensor or beats, could connect to Linkit ONE via Bluetooth (BLE) and monitor more things like child’s temperature (to prevent a fever) or movement (in if I had nightmares or trouble sleeping), etc.

4) LinkitHome – Smarter Home Automation System with Linkit ONE by rsjaw14


LinkitHome will be the most advanced home automation system. The system will allow the user to monitor/control his home remotely on the go. Equipped with Environmental monitoring sensors, you’d be able to monitor the Temperature, Humidity or a combustible gas leak in your house. You will also be able to control or automate your home appliances, like controlling the lights or triggering the air-conditioner if temperature hits certain threshold or receive a text/call alert if a burglar enters your home. The heart of our system is LinkIt ONE board. Read more on the topic post.


5)  Smart Safety device for Women, Children and Elderly people by rsjaw14


The idea is to make a system with a panic button. Once the button is pressed, it will send an SMS  to a predefined number or local police station. It will also sound an alarm. With the help of GPS, the location of the person can also be transmitted in the message so that the local authorities like the police will be aware of the location and can help the victim earliest. Now, LinkIt ONE is the perfect solution for this. As it has got GSM,WiFi and GPS facilities.

Other Ideas:

Drive Alert with Linkit one by cm.lukas02
LinkIt One Security Safe by ahmad_firuzi
Make Happy your pet Fish by Gustavo Reynaga
e-Care Heart with Linkit one by vinothkumarnaidu24
Smart Vehicle Monitoring And Alert System using Linkit one by Krish
Brain Controlled Bionic Ear using Linkit ONE by Sudhakaran
Environmental Monitoring Rover powered by LinkIt ONE by Carmelito
Rock Phone by Craig Comstock

Linkit Curiosity – The Internet Controlled Rover with Linkit ONE by Shivam Gautam
Smart Trash Can Using IoT with LinkIt ONE by guru8196
Smart Wearable Child Tracker by karthickcj0083

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June 2016
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