Open Parts Library Updates: Integrating with Common Parts Library from Octopart

In order to bring the most commonly used components to all of you, Octopart and Seeed built CPL (Common Parts Library) and OPL (Open Parts Library) based on the supply chain that we were familiar with respectively in the past few years.

Lately, Octopart announced a new version of CPL providing a holistic view of the supply chain for each part, inclu cpl-production

Here are some highlights of this version of CPL:

  1. Integration with Seeed Studio’s Open Parts Library.
  2. A single library of symbols and footprints for all Common Parts Library part.  With the help of SnapEDA, you will be able to access to all the symbols and footprints in one place.
  3. Real-time pricing and availability information

For more details, please visit here.

How Seeed support CPL?

  1. Support all CPL parts in Fusion PCBA Service.

Seeed Fusion PCBA provides PCB Assembly service in small scale from 2 pieces to 50 pieces.  With only 3 steps to upload your Gerber and BOM, and then a finished board will be delivered to your hand.

Step 1. go to fusion PCBA page, upload the gerber and select the PCB you want

fusion pcba step1

Step 2. upload BOM,add to Cart.

Please make sure to create the BOM in Seeed Template

fusion PCBA2 fusion pcba step3

2. $20 discount for CPL users.

If you use CPL in BOM and place the assembly order in Seeed Fusion PCBA service, by inputing the coupon code CPLG2016 when you check out, your order will be automatically deduct $20.  The coupon is available from June 3rd, 2016 to June 3rd, 2017 EST. 

cpl coupon


  1.  Can I get the individual CPL & OPL parts on Seeed Bazaar?

No, so far, you are not able to get the parts on Seeed Bazaar.  However, we will try.  We need to renew and apply for the selling permission from all the original manufacturers.  It takes time and we will keep you updated.

  1. What is the lead time of PCBA service?

Normally, your order will be shipped in 18-30 days.

purchasing lead time: 15-25 days

production lead time: 3-5 days

  1. The breakdown of the PCBA quotation
  • Component cost

OPL parts: Seeed price, click here to download or visit here

non-OPL parts / CPL parts:  we will get the price from Digikey and Mouser.  If the prices are different, we will pick the cheaper one.

  • Assembly Cost

Assembly Qty<=50 pcs, $0.1/pin

Assembly Qty>50 pcs, $0.01/pin

  • Setup Cost includes

production line setup fee  $15, if you use only OPL in your BOM

production line setup fee  $35, if you use non-OPL in your BOM

production line setup fee  $300, if production Qty > 50 pcs

Tooling cost

Material Shipping cost, tax,wastage, backup material.

Seeed purchases the non-OPL components directly from Digikey and Mouser, so we would include the cost from purchasing in the setup fee.

4. Why the purchasing lead time is 15-25 days?

Our bottle neck will be purchasing the non-OPL parts from the oversea.  Seeed is based in Shenzhen, China, if we import the parts outside of China, we need to import them through HK.  Normally, it takes 4- 5 days to arrive HK.  However, to pass the HK custom and arrive inner land of China, it may take 5-10 days. It will get worse if it comes to some important event like APEC meeting or festival.

We hope CPL and OPL can become a strong tool to make small scale production easier for makers, which is a long process but we are happy to take a step forward.

If  you have any suggestion for CPL or OPL, feel free to leave us the comments.

Enjoy Making!  🙂




June 2016