ReSpeaker Tomato Piano with Arduino

The fun of ReSpeaker is not limited to only act as a voice-enabled extension that enchants things with voice interaction, or turn any speaker into a Wi-Fi Speaker for streaming music, in fact, there is more. Rather than the on board MT7688 Wi-FI module which runs the Linux based OpenWrt, ReSpeaker is also powered by the ATmega32u4 chip and it’s absolutely Arduino compatible, which means, we can use ReSpeaker as a powerful Arduino board and do many ‘Arduino’ things. It’s for learning, it’s for practicing, and it’s for fun. Inspired by the Makey Makey, we programmed ReSpeaker with Arduino IDE, and came out of a really special DIY piano that is built on 8 cherry tomatoes connecting to the 8 touch sensors on ReSpeaker, we call it, the Tomato Piano. Each cherry tomato represents a key to the music note, starting from the ‘do’ to the ‘ti’, so we have enough keys to perform songs we like. Check the video below to see how we played ‘Jingle Bells’ with the Tomato Piano.


Actually you can change the cherry tomato with other materials like coin, silver spoon, conductive ink, wet foods, or even your grandma. No? Ok, maybe you can try with your cat and dog, anything that can conduct at least a little electricity. Imagine that you are performing songs to your friends with a bunch of tomatoes, what would be the looks in their faces!


As like many other makers, we believe everyone is creative and able to make the world a better place with their inventiveness, that’s why we created easy-to-use toolkits like ReSpeaker to help people unearth their potentials and turn wonderful ideas into reality.


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September 2016