WE HEAR AND TAKE ACTION #8: Half price or more on Seeed Fusion stencils forever!

PCB Stencils are now even more affordable with Seeed Fusion!

If you have ever tried soldering surface mount components (SMD) by hand then you know how difficult and messy it can be. The right way to do it is with a solder paste stencil – but these can be costly. If you only have a few boards then maybe doing it by hand is worth the hassle compared to coughing up 20 bucks for a stencil – and that’s not even including shipping. Perhaps the cost is forcing you to stick with good old fashioned through hole components. But in the modern era of small gadgets and smaller components, even the DIY makers must eventually come to terms with surface mount technology.

But fear not makers, Seeed Fusion is slashing it’s SMT Stencil prices!

To better facilitate users in making the transition to surface mount technology, and to aid small batch productions, Fusion has cut the prices of all of it’s stencil sizes – permanently. The stencils are exactly the same as before – we use sturdy type 304 stainless steel and laser cutting to ensure precise and clean edges, mandatory for accurate paste squeegeeing. Check out the new pricing below, all sizes are at least half price starting from just $9.90 and for the largest size it’s now only a third of the original price.

Stencil Size (cm) NEW Price Original Price
28 x 38 Frameless $9.90 $19.90
30 x 40 $14.50 $29.00
37 x 47 $15.00 $39.00
40 x 60 $28.00 $79.00
40 x 80 $32.00 $79.00
42 x 52 $22.00 $49.00
45 x 55 $28.00 $79.00
50 x 80 $40.00 $89.00
55 x 65 $40.00 $109.00
58.4 x 58.4 $40.00 $109.00
73.6 x 73.6 $60.00 $179.00


Fusion SMT Stencils are made by laser-cut with 304 stainless steel, SMT stencil is a really useful tool if your PCB needs to process the Surface Mount Technology. For PCB soldering process, the main role of the stencil is to solder paste for surface mount device (SMD) connections. Stencils controlling the dosage of solder paste is applied so electrical connections are optimal, to ensures the solder paste evenly brush on the PCB for better soldering. If you want to know more details about Fusion Stencil Service, you can check our Specification.

We are always trying to improve the service we deliver to our customers:


August 2017