What to Make with Base Shield? 4 Most Viewed Projects on Our Project Hub Might Inspire!


To be honest, Base Shield always wows me. A small shield specifically decided for the very own #Arduino with 16 #Grove connectors, which means you could access to 16 different possibilities of our powerful #Grove family. It also features an RST button, a green LED to indicate power status, an ICSP pin, a toggle switch and four rows of pinouts. What a shield of connectors and pinouts!

To make it easier for you to understand how the shield could be applied to tinkering projects, here we select 4 most viewed projects on our Project Hub (Spoiler here: we have cooperated with hackster.io and launched this new project recipe sharing platform. It is live now and will be finalized and announced formally in the upcoming August. Welcome to try it out with your Seeed/Hackster account. Inputs & feedbacks are most welcomed!).


Smart Garbage Monitoring System Using Arduino 101

by Technovation

Kousheek and Saty from Technovation came up with an idea to make a smart garbage monitoring system by using Arduino 101, Ultrasonic Sensor – HC-SR04 (Generic), Arduino Wifi Shield 101, Arduino MKR1000 and a Base Shield V2. The system could manage & monitor garbage can automatically. In this way, it helps to keep our city clean and healthy. Full instruction, check it out here.


Solar Powered Environmental Monitoring Kit

by Md. Khairul Alam


In order to create public awareness for environmental pollution in Dhaka city, capital of Bangladesh, Md. Khairul Alam designed an open source real-time city pollution monitoring device which monitors noise level, air quality, temperature, and humidity and sends the data to the ThingSpeak. He used Base Shield V2 to connect a Seeeduino GPRS to a bunch of Grove sensors (Air quality sensor, Loudness Sensor, Temperature & Humidity Sensor). Full instruction, check it out here.


Smart Message Board

by Akihiko Suyama

Tired of typing messages to others? Akihiko’s smart message board might help. He used an Arduino Yun, a Base Shield V2, the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot, a Grove Rotary Angle Sensor and a Dot Matrix MAX7219 4 in 1 Module to build up a system. You could set the matrix to display your message by your voice! Full instruction, check it out here.


Hacking the Stairs at Seeed’s New Office

by Team Stairs Hackers at Seeed

To protect the office area from visitors’ disturbing, Stair Hackers at Seeed hacked their office stairs with a bunch of Grove sensors, Base Shield and Seeeduino. They turned the stairs into an interactive installation, and even a cool way to convey the message “STAFF ONLY” to visitors. Full instruction, check it out here.


Hope these projects sparked & inspired. If they don’t, stay tuned for our next project volume for other products. Also, you are always welcomed to drop comments if you want to learn more about the applied projects for some specific products. Happy tinkering.


July 2018