NEW ARRIVAL: Turn Your Raspberry Pi to A Powerful Voice-powered Device!

Hello, world! It is a special day for Raspberry Pi users! Because we have just released new ReSpeaker mic arrays, specifically for Raspberry Pi. There are two versions, a 6-mic Circular Array and a 4-mic Linear Array . This new addition of ReSpeaker series will turn your Raspberry Pi and your projects into the voice-enabled powerhouse. Plus, you can also extend a scope of your projects by implementing Grove sensors which are also supported. We also have provided you an unboxing video below -don’t forget to check it out!


Let us walk through some of the details of our new products, both of Seeed’s ReSpeaker 6-Mic Circular and 4-Mics Linear Array Kits for Raspberry Pi are extension boards, also known as shields, designed for Raspberry Pi. As the names suggested, the circular has 6 mics and the linear array has 4 mics. These arrays will enhance your experiences with AI and voice applications on your Raspberry Pi. This means you can build a more powerful and flexible voice product with Raspberry Pi which can integrate Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Assistant, Baidu, Snips and other major AI assistants. They also come with programmable LEDs and can sense the direction of voices (see the chart below.).


As you can see, these mic arrays enable you to do more with Raspberry Pi, here are some possible applications:

  • Smart speaker
  • Intelligent voice assistant system
  • Voice recorder
  • Voice conferencing system
  • Meeting communicating equipment
  • Voice interacting robot
  • Car voice assistant
  • Other scenarios benefiting from voice command



For other specifications, please have a look at this chart.


So, all in all, in this newer edition, both versions of mic arrays will give you a better overall experience than the last generation. Please visit our wiki pages for more details and give your Raspberry Pi a big nice upgrade!

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Author: Jake Wang


July 2018