Seeed & Snips Team Up to Launch Privacy-Secured Voice Interaction Dev Kits for IoT Applications

The “smart home” has been a fancy buzzword for the last few years but it has also reached far beyond that status today. As technology shifts from a device-controlled to a voice-controlled perspective, users are able to control the whole environment via voice in a seamless, simple, and convenient way. For example, with an easy voice command, you can control a lamp in another room, or unlock the front door when your friends show up.

To make voice control even handier for developers and innovators, we’ve partnered with Snips, the AI-powered voice platform for connected devices, to launch two new voice interaction development kits: the Voice Interaction Base Kit and the Voice Interaction Satellite Kit!

Based on the Snips AI Voice Platform, the kits are powered by a Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ for the Base Kit, Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless for the Satellite Kit). With this advanced AI voice processing technology running on a Raspberry Pi, all input commands are processed directly on-device instead of being sent to the cloud, meaning privacy in IoT scenarios is no longer a concern with these two kits.

The kits also include a Seeed ReSpeaker 2-Mic Pi HAT, Grove Relay which allows users to control the device’s ON and OFF status via voice commands, and a Grove Temperature & Humidity sensor. Given the inbuilt compatibility with the full Grove sensor system, each kit enables developers to collect various types of environmental data to define different application scenarios.

Snips Voice Interaction Base Kit and Satellite Kit Assembly Video

Can’t wait to try out these new kits? The kits are now officially available. But remember, the Satellite Kit requires Base Kit to function, meaning that it’s an add-on to the Base Kit that extends voice control beyond the immediate vicinity of the Base Kit. Happy tinkering with this lovely duo (Order the Base Kit and the Satellite Kit now)!

Last but not least, we’ll soon launch an online competition based on the two kits with Snips on in late January. So make use of the holidays and start preparing your voice projects for the contest! Stay tuned for more updates. Happy Holidays!

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January 2019