All NEW Seeed Originals released in March

Welcome to April every seeeker! In the past March we had Arduino Day and Raspberry Pi Day sale, I hope you all have selected the most suitable parts for your next cool projects. At the beginner of this month, let’s review together and see what action we took!

Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing and Raspberry Pi

In the beginning of this month, we released layout scratch of new Grove AI HAT. We’ve receive a lot great feedbacks in the forum!

A microphone could be useful.

From Seeed Forum

Would be nice to have some basic sensors on the board. Something most commonly used for Machine learning.
You already have camera. Nice.
Ideas to add:
Motion sensors (3 axis accelerometer at minimum, additional 3 axis gyro would be good. 3 axis magnetometer is a nice plus)
One microphone
Connector for Sipeed 6+1 Microphone Array

From Seeed Forum

In the last week, we got the first look, however, we are still looking forward to your suggestion to add into final product! Join our forum now and make your idea come true at Seeed! #WeHearThenWeTakeAction

The Sipeed MAIX-I module is the first RISC-V 64 AI module based on the powerful KPU K210. We are very excited to announce that we are going to make a Grove HAT for Raspberry Pi based on the Sipeed MAIX-I module, aiming at enabling more possibilities of AI model in areas such as predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, robotics and many more.

We are going to release two versions, one based on the Sipeed MAIX-I with WiFi and another without. Both can work as a Raspberry Pi HAT, or work by themselves.  

An important new member of Grove family: Grove-Breadboard

This will be a totally new breadboard combing onboard Grove connector, Grove standard form factor and onboard self-recovery fuse and work indicator LED.

Breadboards are one of the most fundamental pieces when learning how to build circuits. With Grove-Breadboard, now the circuit you build will be connected to the Grove system, enabling the modular use of the circuit prototype and the Grove module.

For electronic engineers, you can build a new Grove yourself (we are looking forward to see the breadboard Grove you build), for beginners, this can be your first breadboard to learn electronic knowledge by combining useful breadboard and friendly-started plug-and-play Grove connectors!

In the below demo, we made the prototype for Grove-Relay. We are looking forward to new Grove you build with us!

We decided to send 100 #FreeSamples to you 1)who retweet or repost with the new Grove Breadboard 2) and plus the hashtag #GroveBreadboard.



We will send free coupon(not include shipping) to the earliest 100 people when the product finally released! Let us know you like it!

Seeed ReButton

Seeed ReButton is a developer device for simple trigger actions, supporting multiple clicks and long press. We are providing sample firmware that triggers Azure IoT Central or Azure IoT Hub. Both firmware and hardware are opensource, you can develop your own IoT button with Arduino IDE.

The powersource of ReButton is 2x AAA Alkarine battery, and it usually supports > 500x press. Seeed ReButton also have 1x I2C Grove connector (3.3V I/O), so you can add your favorite data point with easy Arduino IDE programming.  

This month we also released three different current sensor modules in our Grove ecosystem.  They are Grove – 2.5A DC Current Sensor(ACS70331)Grove – ±5A DC/AC Current Sensor (ACS70331) and the Grove – 10A Current Sensor (ACS725) .

So, what is a current sensor?

A current sensor is a device that detects electric current in a wire, and converts current to a voltage that can be easily measured. Also, this will be proportional to the current through the measured path.

Current sensors are usually designed after taking two phenomena into consideration.

Check our fully demonstrated current sensor guide to help you learn further more for next project.

Grove – CO2 & Temperature & Humidity Sensor (SCD30)

Grove – CO2 & Temperature & Humidity Sensor (SCD30) is our brand new product which comes with CO2, temperature and humidity sensing packed in one module.

Also, this module is very eye-catching because of its interesting design on the exterior cover. It shows how the Carbon Dioxide molecule is formed by the covalent bonding between one Carbon Dioxide and two Oxygen atoms.

In addition to the Non-Dispersive Infrared(NDIR) measurement technology for CO2 detection, the SCD30 integrates Sensirion humidity and temperature sensors on the same sensor module.   You can see that there is a monkey face graphic on the module, actually, this is a carbon dioxide molecular model. As you can see, the 4 valence electrons on each oxygen atom and also the covalent bonds between the carbon and oxygen atoms are clearly shown. 

Monkey face graphic on the module
  • The measurement range of this sensor is:- 0 ppm – 40’000 ppm
  • The measurement accuracy of this sensor is:- ±(30 ppm + 3%) between 400 ppm to 10’000 ppm

In addition to the carbon dioxide sensing, the SCD30 integrates a best-in-class temperature and humidity sensor which can output ambient humidity and temperature by using Sensirion’s algorithm.

Grove – RS485

The Grove  – RS485 module allows you to easily connect your Arduino with RS-485 devices!!!! It is plug and play ready, so you don’t need to worry about clumsy jumper wires. This module is based on the MAX13487E IC by Maxim Integrated and it is a very cost effective solution in serial communication where it can convert a UART serial stream to RS – 485.

This module is very suitable for the following applications:-

  • Automated HVAC Systems
  • Industrial Controls
  • Industrial Motor Drives
  • Isolated RS-485 Interfaces
  • Utility Meters

Grove – Optocoupler Relay (M281)

The Grove – Optocoupler Relay (M281) module features the M281 relay which is a bi-directional, single-pole, single-throw normally open solid-state relay. This offers very low on-resistance which allows for a high load current rating.

Also it is a very cost effective Relay module compared to other Relay modules in the market. Usually, the price of a single-channel SSR will exceed $10 whereas the price of this module is less than half!!!

Azure Sphere MT3620 New Release

In the last month, we also released new the MT3620 Module(by AI-Link WF-M620-RSC1)the MT3620 Mini Dev Board, and the MT3620 Ethernet Shield v1.0, which support rapid prototyping of IoT applications using Microsoft’s Azure Sphere, a solution for creating highly-secured, connected MCU devices. 

The MT3620 Mini Dev Board Diagram

The MT3620 Mini Dev Board is a mini-size, more scalable and lower-cost development board powered by the MT3620 Module(AI-Link WF-M620-RSC1). As a lite version of the previous MT3620 Development Board, it uses two single-row pin headers for the easy plug-in on other motherboards or expansion boards. It also optimizes the design by reducing some system hardware peripheral resources including I2S and GPIO ports with the support for 2.4G Wi-Fi.

MT3620 Ethernet Shield is an add-on breakout board designed for Seeed’s previous MT3620 development kit. For areas without Wi-Fi connection, this shield board helps the MT3620 development board connect to network via the ethernet port.  

The Ethernet Shield is now available for order on Seeed’s online shop Bazaar. Meanwhile, the Mini Dev Board and the Module are live for pre-order, with delivery scheduled for mid May.

Grove – Screw&Nut Pack (20 Sets) and the Grove – Rivet Pack (30 PCS)

Meanwhile, we also released the Grove – Screw&Nut Pack (20 Sets) and the Grove Rivet Pack (30 PCS). You can use theses to easily mount our Grove modules to other boards and make your project look tidier and easier to work with.

The Grove – Screw&Nut Pack (20 Sets) includes 20 screws and 20 nuts. 20 white screws are with PM2.0xH5.0mm and 10 nuts with M2.0xH6.0mm and the other 10 with M2.0xH10.0mm.

Grove Rivet Pack (30 PCS)

Seeed Fusion Kitting Service

After months of hard work, test runs and plenty of mistakes, we’re celebrating this week, because we are delighted to announce our new Seeed Fusion Kitting service!

Ever wanted to make your own starter kit of hardware goodies for specific courses or projects? Make the most of the Silicon Valley of Hardware with Seeed’s new kitting service! Get your favorite Seeed products including Groves from over 2000 electronic parts and PCBs with your own design of packaging and printing material. 

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you want to see for new products! We will try our best to satisfying your needs tp helping your future projects! We hear then we will take action! Subscribe with us to know new products and what is happening at Seeed! Don’t miss any of the latest IoT hardware news!

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