SLAMWARE SDK: Best Way to Build Robot with ROS

In the previous post, we introduced main products line developed by Slamtec: RPLIDAR, MAPPER, and SLAMWARE. The latest release SLAMTEC MAPPER M1M1 combines feature of RPLIDAR and Slamware(a modular robot localization and navigation. Today we are going to introduce SLAMWARE SDK to help developers to more easily build the powerful robot and learn SLAM.

SLAMWARE SDK is a development toolkit for users to customize the corresponding navigation and positioning system functions. Users can easily obtain the functional services provided by the platform through the SDK. Such as:

  • Map construction
  • Planning path independently and control motion walking
  • Call the built-in motion control algorithm and monitor status
  • Achieve functions such as virtual wall and virtual track

Download SLAMWARE SDK here

Advantages of SLAMWARE SDK

Support multi-platform

SLAMWARE SDK can work in Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and other development environments to meet different developer needs.

Easy to use

(1) Rich and flexible API

A good API can be done in the way that developers expect, with awesome ease of use. SLAMWARE now offers a rich and flexible API interface for easy geometric operations and ease of use.

(2) Auxiliary software package

There is an auxiliary software package to help protocol and sensor diagnostic debugging, which can effectively avoid errors, such as validation of parameters, strict checking of boundaries, and detailed documentation, which will enable developers to effectively avoid errors when using the SDK.

(3) Completely free and detailed development manual

The SLAMWARE SDK provides full reference examples, project templates, detailed development documentation. They are completely free and updated in real time with data sheets and reference manuals to help developers get started quickly.


Compatibility has always been a problem. In addition to being compatible with most popular platforms, SLAMTEC also achieves compatibility with ROS. The use of RPLIDAR and MAPPER in ROS was an improvement. Please refer to our previous introduction: RPLIDAR and ROS programming- The Best Way to Build Robot and How to Program SLAMTEC MAPPER with ROS. 

Now, all SLAMWARE-based robots can be combined with the matching ROS drive, resulting in maps and positioning data that can be perfectly integrated into the ROS environment.

However, the compatibility for positioning and mapping data is not enough. SLAMTEC also wish developers and users to solve more robot development problems based on their ROS packages, such as allowing developers to directly control robots through ROS to achieve corresponding path planning, navigation, and other functions.

We will introduce more later 🙂 Any questions about SLAMTEC, laser scanners, ROS and RPLIDAR? Please feel free to let us know!

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