Seeed’s annual light-up project competition is here! Vote for your favourite project now!

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Seeed Studio’s annual Light-up Project Competition is finally here! Here at Seeed and Chaihuo x.factory, we believe that “making is in our DNA”, which is why we have a tradition of holding the Light-up Project Competition during each year’s Annual Party. Participants of the Competition will hand-make their own projects and do a catwalk during the Annual Party.

Seeed’s Annual Party 2020 will be held on 12 January 2020 with the theme “202: Back to the Future”. This year, the theme for the Competition is “Recycled Materials”, so participants have to incorporate recycled materials in their projects. We have now collected more than 20 projects from Seeeders to have a sneak peek. We will also have a voting section at the end of this post, and please do feel free to vote for your favorite.

We are all ready to light up! Scroll down to see all the entries and vote for us now!

1. Cosmic Bulb by CY

In 2020, I hope that everyone will be ready to explore the unknown future just like astronauts. The Cosmic Bulb is made in the form of a Communications Carrier Assembly (CCA), or “Snoopy Cap” that is worn by astronauts, using all sorts of recycled materials. When there are people standing on both sides of the Cosmic Bulb, the ultrasonic sensors will detect and trigger the LED lights hidden inside to light up.


-External casing: A lampshade that I found when Chaihuo x.factory moved into our present location 2 years back

-The brim of the external casing: Rubber-coated cotton that I found in the construction site beside our makerspace

-Large pipe

-Pink face shield: I found several pink acrylic pieces left around in our maker space and put them together to make the face shield

-Tubes on the sides: I took it down from a “protective mask” that I made during an event last year

2. Futuristic Portfolio by Alice Lau

This portfolio was just lying around in a corner of our office without anyone using it so I decided to breathe life into it by attaching LED strips and a magnetic sensor that functions as a switch. When the portfolio is opened, it will look very futuristic, as if it came out from an anime.

3. Bonfire by Yanming Wen

Through the creation of this mock-bonfire, I hope that it will warm the hearts of everyone who sees it during this winter season. The glowing effect of the mock-bonfire is caused by the LED ring, while the “flames”(tissue paper) move due to the mini fan hidden in the middle. 



Grove Shield for micro:bit v2

Seeed USB LED ring

-Ice cream sticks

-Aluminum rice box

-Tissue paper

-USB mini-fan

4. LED Guitar by Grissom Dong

The inspiration for the LED Guitar came from air guitar competitions. Air Guitar can provide great visual effects during performances despite not producing any sounds. You can use the potentiometer to control the brightness, speed of the flashes of the LED strips and the LED matrix. With the use of the switch, one can choose between 2 designs for the LED matrix: a heart shape design and a Seeed logo.


-Arduino Uno control boards



-4.5m LED strip

-8*8 LED Matrix

5. Pumpkin Earrings by Eman Chen

I connected 2 plastic Halloween pumpkin and 2 earrings together to make a pair of Pumpkin earrings that can be worn on future Halloween celebrations and cosplay events. 

6. WS2813 Rolling Rolling Up by Elaine Wu

I used Seeed’s new product WS2813 instead of the popular WS2812B because it can continuously transmit signals through signals break-points(as long as 2 or more neighboring LEDs are not spoilt), which will allow me to cut it however I want. The inspiration for this project came from Canadian DJ Rezz’s goggles( please see picture above. I added an LED strip on the glasses and also made LED shoes using a WS2813 LED strip to look cooler.

7. LED Mickey Hairband by Meilily

I found a hairband in our office and decided to make a Mickey hairband since the Chinese Year of the Rat is coming soon. The Hairband will display red lights when the wearer is not moving his/her head and will show many different colors when the wearer nods his/her head.

8. LED Helmet by Enzo Dai

After a long time digging for recyclable materials in my apartment, I found this track helmet and 2 nozzles that will light up when the wearer shakes it, and I connected them together. 

9. LED Piggy Mask by Yanming Wen

Display Effects:

-Colorful LED Lights

-The brightness of the LED glasses will increase when someone gets close to it

Materials used:

-Surgical mask

-3D glasses


-Seeed ultrasonic sensor module

-LED rings

-Luminous stickers

10. Cyberpunk 2077 by Chunchun Tian

Travel into the future with this Cyberpunk 2077 suit!

11. Bag of Blessings by Rain Ye

I sewed my daughter’s old clothes together to make this Bag of Blessings to signify the coming of spring. I sewed 2 LED strips and an ultrasonic sensor to the bag so that the LED strips will light up when people get closer to the bag. The process of working on this project has been very meaningful for both my daughter and me so I hope you guys reuse your old clothes too!

12. Manually Controlled Alert System by Grissom Dong

I wanted to work on this project because it is very common for skiers to bang into the skier in front of them as they do not know which direction he/she is turning towards. I hope that this project will be able to reduce the possibility of accidents that people will encounter when skiing.


Arduino Uno

16*16 LED Matrix

-4 button control board

13. LED Lantern by Carmen Zheng

The Lantern shown above is a prototype made using papers. I will replace the paper with PCB boards to make it look better.


RGB LED ring

Arduino Nano

-PCB boards

-Orange LED plugins

-1mm optical cable

14. LED “Christmas Tree” by Alison Yang

I was inspired to weave this Christmas Tree up after seeing my colleague Lily weave a tree herself. I found yellow LED lights in our office and coiled them around the Christmas Tree.

15. Portable LED Logo Display Board by Jinhao Li

Is brand exposure a concern for you? Worrying about a lack of brand effect? Are advertisements too expensive for you? Fret not, the Portable LED Logo Display Board is all you need! With 15 LED effects, you will definitely shine at any event!

16. Glow-in-the-dark Cap by Lingshi Kong

This is a cap that I have not used for a very long time and I attached luminescent wires to it to make it glow in the dark.

17. LED Mr. Rabbit by Xiangwu Zeng

I made this project together with my daughter. We used a paper bag and other recycled materials to make the rabbit and LED lights to make it light up.

18. LED Glasses by Qi Liao

After you press the switch on the glasses for 10 seconds, the color of the LED ring will change. 


Seeeduino Nano

-Touch sensor switch

LED Ring 2813

-Acrylic boards

19. Glow-in-the-dark Hat by Jingjing Huang

Can you guess what this cap is made from? The answer has to do with fried chicken!


-KFC Family Bucket

-Decorative materials taken from my birthday cake

-Luminescent Wires

20. LED Sports Shoes by Jayce

This is one of my favourite pair of shoes but unfortunately, it is about to spoil. I decided to give it a chance to shine during our Annual Party before it spoils.

21. LED Mini-bag by Tongxin Hu

I put a mini LED lightbulb connected to a Raspberry Pi inside a transparent case which is then put inside a small bag that I can carry around easily. 

22. Braids of Hope by Violet Su

The Braids of Hope is made using braids at 12 small star-shape LED bulbs. The number 12 symbolizes a cycle, and stars represent hope. When they are used to make the Braids of Hope, they symbolize everlasting hope and accompaniment.

23. GUNDAM Musk by Xiaotian Wu

I used parts from a recycled Banshee Gundam, a 3M mask, some RGB LED lightbulbs and painted them in metallic colors to make this super cool Gundam Musk. 

Think these projects are cool? Vote for your favorite one now!

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That’s not all! 9/10 Seeeders have yet to complete their projects! We are excited to see them at our Annual Party this year, and we are sure that you are too!

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