Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. started mass production of multilayer ceramic capacitors with the smallest size of 008004 (0.25 × 0.125mm) in the world from April this year.

As mobile devices such as mobile phones and smartphones become more functional, the number of components mounted on the substrate and the demand for miniaturization are increasing; and new small devices such as wearable devices are expected to become more popular in the future The demand for capacitors used in impedance matching applications for high-frequency circuits and decoupling applications for IC power lines is further miniaturized and low-profile.

 In order to lead the world and promote components that can contribute to the miniaturization of mobile devices and the reduction of mounting space, our company has improved the accuracy of its original raw materials, processes, processing and production technologies that have been cultivated so far. By integrating these technologies, we have achieved The world’s first commercialization of 008004 size (0.25 × 0.125mm) products.

The 008004 size (0.25 × 0.125mm) is smaller than the current 01005 size (0.4 × 0.2mm), and the placement area ratio is reduced by about 1/2. By reducing the placement space, it can be small for the whole machine. Contribute to low-profile and low-profile.


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